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Author Topic: Has anyone ever used one of these 'classy' asian escort agencies?  (Read 23469 times)

Offline Lurtz

Masa from that Agency is Maria Owaza, a famous Jap pornstar. Avoid them at all costs.

Welcome to the board Stunt Dick. Good advice.  :)

Tony Montana

I used A1 Asian when it used to be around to see Maylo ( http://www.maylo.co.uk/ ).  Even though it was the top asian agancy at the time they dicked me around with texts saying different times and when I spoke to them they had such a strong accent that I could barely understand them.

Anyway, Maylo was lovely and attentive, lots of fun to be with.  The only downside was that she had lots of stretchmarks on her stomach and she talked about her children back in Thailand quite a bit, a big turn off with me.

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