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Author Topic: Issaballa Birmingham  (Read 727 times)

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Offline shylad57

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Terraced property in Erdington. You have to go through an entry to get to the entrance to the premises. Plenty of free on street parking but the house is opposite some factory gates which are busy with a few lads milling around who clock you. You do get the feeling they know why you are waiting to be let in!

AW Profile:
Pretty accurate although the photos are very flattering. Issaballa is a rather plain lady. Age (46) on profile probably accurate.

I had booked an hour at £80 and asked Issaballa for the GFE and to wear stockings or hold ups for me. She answered the door wearing black leggings, socks and a baggy jumper looking I had interrupted her watching Jeremy Kyle with her morning coffee. She showed me through to the bedroom which is via the kitchen and lounge. Everything clean and tidy enough. Once in the bedroom and the donation sorted I asked if she was going to change into something more as per my request. Issaballa said she could do underwear but no stockings. Not great.

The punt:
As it was the first time I had seen her we started off with the usual time killing massage, which felt a little half hearted, and the small talk a little forced. She stripped to reveal bra and pants that had seen better days if I am honest.  I began to wonder if I was going to get hard at all, as it just wasnt "happening". To make matters worse, she asked me to remind her what it was that I wanted. "OWO, RO, then mish and doggy to finish" says me. "Oh" says Issaballa, her mind clearly elsewhere.

And here comes the killer blow. Massage over, some kissing without tongues, and having had a few minutes of passable OWO, I went down to sample her shaven pussy, and although she was giving me no clues as to whether I was doing it right, at least the old chap was showing signs of life. And so with a mouth full of minge, her phone rings. And fuck me she is off the bed to answer it like a scalded cat and engages in a very heated argument with someone she eventually tells me is some asian taxi driver. WTF!

Eventually she ends the call, apologises saying he is giving her shit and if she didnt answer the phone he would come round! Nice.

I look down at the by now limp old chap and just ask her to just get me hard so that we can finish. More passable OWO, old chap responds, on with the rubber and I ask her to bend over the side of the bed while I give it her from behind. She obliges, and there follows some fairly frantic doggy action while I attempt to empty my load, half expecting a black cab to screetch to a halt outside. On the plus side, Issaballa does have a decent sized pair of tits, so those hanging down and me reaching round and tweaking her nipples assisted the process, even if her lack of any encouragement didnt.

Whilst Issaballa is a very pleasant lady, I did wonder what on earth has led her into this game. I really dont think her heart is in it. Even without the phone call nonsense it would have been a vanilla experience without any vanilla, if you get my meaning. She did say I was welcome back at any time as I left, but I wont be. The lads at the factory gate wont be seeing me again.  And my heart still pops into my mouth every time I see a fucking black cab!! lol

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