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Author Topic: Sunday punts are so....  (Read 1543 times)

Offline Esco

Why cant you get a punt on a Sunday?

Why cant you get a punt on a Sunday?

Because the Missus is by my side  :P

Presumably because WG's allowed to have families to spend time with - which probably explains why its only EE girls that are available... whichever way its darn inconvenient and not a very good service - where do i send my complaint :)

Mmm niche in the market for Sunday only whores I think...anyone up for 50/50 business  :crazy:

You put the money in....i fuck em  :hi:

Blank in the post for you young man... Fuck away  :cool:

Offline Urfi

Because the brasses are all at church. :angelgirl:

Offline Ben4454

Don't say its the niche - they'll start scamming us with double-time rates. lol
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Offline vision2014

Heres one for you esco
www.adultwork.com/1298071 you said you like the big tit girls shes in Worcester at moment

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