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Author Topic: Sonya… Birmingham  (Read 856 times)

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Offline sjm79


I'd got that heavy feeling in my balls that told me I was due a punt and given how cold it is outside, I didn't fancy venturing into the city so I was looking for an outcall girl that does anal. I've already seen Sonya a few years ago so she was my plan c, as my first two choices both said I was too far away for them to travel to. The booking was easily arranged, I checked that anal was ok, which was depending on size and if she did french kissing (no, despite it being listed on her likes, but I had a vague recollection that this was the case.) As I prefer a GFE with lots of kissing, I was in two minds but went ahead anyway.

I got a text about 20 minutes before the booking was due to start to say she was waiting for a taxi, so like the last time I saw her, she was a little late. As I didn't have plans till later in the day this wasn't really an issue for me. She arrived discreetly and dressed in a smart winter coat and hat. I offered her a drink and we made small talk while we too care of the paper work, to my surprise she remembered that I'd booked her for an outcall before.

Having made our way to the bedroom, the clothes came off to reveal a nice set of black underwear. I recently posted in another thread that I find Sonya to be unconventionally attractive facially but there's no denying that the pictures on her profile don't do her body justice. We started with a hand job and oral without before moving into a 69. Sonya was unsure about attempting anal, apparently I'm on the big side (true or just an excuse?) but we tried anyway. Maybe it was due to the lack of kissing which usually gets my engine running but I wasn't hard enough to get it into her tight hole so we made do with sex in missionary. I tried to give her a few pecks on the neck but Sonya was careful to position herself so that this was difficult. Likewise, she seemed to have her legs in such a way that I couldn't thrust too deeply, meaning my orgasm wasn't as satisfactory as it could have been.

We made some small talk while I recovered, which was a little awkward as Sonya seemed to prefer just lying there checking out her body (to be fair, I was doing the same) before attempting round two. Disappointingly, despite having saved up a few days worth of spunk, I wasn't able to rise to the occasion so we continued chatting while she tugged at my limp cock. Ironically, Sonya was telling me about her Christmas tree, not really the kind of wood that we needed at that moment in time.

Admittedly I half expected a not-so-great punt going in but I've given her a neutral review because even though it wasn't a bad punt, it wasn't everything that I hoped it would be.

6 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline dilettante

Ha lei in Italiano parlato, per trovare si verabilimente parlare potest?

Offline Juankerr

Sorry to hear that it wasn't great for you sjm, if you remember I did say in the report I did that she wasn't really into kissing.


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