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Author Topic: Model melody info please  (Read 3047 times)

Offline Vulcan1

anyone seen this one, up in my neck of the woods and looks interesting?




Offline James999

Just had a look and she has one of those "War and Peace" profiles, so much information and crap, they always concern me as you feel if you went for a punt you would find yourself in breach of rule 6a in section 4 or some other bollocks.

Those long profiles tend to be a sign of a girl with to much time on her hands / nto really wanting to do the job so creates all that crap, they need to realise guys want to book them to fuck them, not read their fucking life history  :dash:

Offline Marmalade

£100 for half an hour???

She is only in Grantham 'briefly' so you just about have time to do the correspondence course and associated reading material.

If she got on with it, she wouldn't have to charge such high rates to cover all that time online trying to decide between verbal diarrhoea and photoshop.

Offline foresight

The longest AW profile ever?
At a quick glance she seems to cover the same points over and over.

As someone who appreciates a bit of spontaneity, I would give it a miss.

I have posted about this lass, let me down at the very last minute (I was sat in the car park of the hotel when she bailed on me) and promised me discounts to make up for it, and next time she was in town I tried to rebook, she had no idea what I was talking about....... 
I will try and find the post, I think it was one of my first here.

Found it


Now she may be the best shag ever, I wouldn't know as I never got to see her but at least be prepared, as she obviously has no problem fucking people about.


As a recent joiner, and catching up on everything, I have to say I enjoyed her visits to my area (3 that I took advantage of). Great body and attitude (although that should probably be tempered by my recent accention to this activity). Has now joined a London based agency. Not sure I should name it in public, but her pictures are obviously consistent.


Have seen this picture several times across several guises, she's a fake!

Offline Matium

Have seen this picture several times across several guises, she's a fake!

Which picture?

Was her profile up this morning?

It's gone now.

Offline tda666

Have seen this picture several times across several guises, she's a fake!

She is definitely not fake as I have met her. I did post something briefly on here about her a few months back.
I haven't got time right now but will give a full run down later.

Offline skittish

Which picture?

Was her profile up this morning?

It's gone now.

Link not working for me either


She is definitely not fake as I have met her. I did post something briefly on here about her a few months back.
I haven't got time right now but will give a full run down later.

Every profile picture posted is obviously a real person and sometimes, even quite often, profiles are set up using ex WG's pics. If you say you've met her then I believe you but it is a fake profile and probably the reason it has disappeared already. I chased that particular phantom on exactly that profile picture a number of months back and always drew a blank. She may also be one of those girls that had a brief flirtation with being a WG before resorting to gaining her income purely from her private gallery.
« Last Edit: April 06, 2013, 03:12:56 PM by Ravanelli »

After being on AW and the having a break and apparently doing independent work, she worked for www.hamiltonsescorts.com until maybe a few weeks ago, at the lower end of their price range  :(

Offline tda666

Guys I need to be certain we are all talking about the same person / profile here, as there isn't a link working any longer as far as I can see and some of the previous comments do not ring true at all with the girl that i met. I did cut and paste some photos from her profile at the time when i booked her which I have on my work computer so I will dig them out on Monday so I can be sure I am commenting on the correct person.
Just briefly, although the punt had some good and bad aspects that are worth reading, the girl I am talking about who was known as Model Melody at the time was one of the most professional WG's that I have ever met.
I will post some pics and my report on Monday.

Offline tda666

This is the Melody that I was talking about.....
I saw her touring around the South East last year and contacted her via email and text and her communications were first class, really friendly and cheeky whilst agreeing our 1 hour meeting. I was really looking forward to the punt as i had made excuses to be away from the office for a few hours.
She had booked a top quality hotel and the room was the nicest i had ever had a punt in. Huge, lovely en-suite and beautiful modern furniture. I managed to get her first punt of the day around 2pm just after she checked into the hotel so she made me wait about 10 minutes simply because she was unpacking still.
I got clear directions and got to the room easily and in fact the hotel was unusual as you didn't have to go past a reception either.
Melody opened the door and I was happy enough but not quite as overjoyed as i was hoping to be, for one reason only ... she was a bigger girl than her photos showed. Facially she was identical to the pictures so she was good looking but she was very short, maybe about 5' 4" (not a problem) and she was well covered particularly on her arse and thighs but never the less her attitude was really friendly and made me feel extremely welcome and relaxed.
I jumped in the shower and got myself ready for action.
I seem to remember lots of DFK which was nice as she was a pretty girl and well made up but as I started fondling, unfortunately the body didn't come up to my usual preference or indeed how it looked in the photos. I would confirm that although she was more weighty than the photos, she was certainly solid. Her arse and thighs were like a racehorse, so she must have exercised as she certainly wasn't flabby. .... except her tits. For a 20-odd year old she had those floppy, no shape or perkiness sort of boobs which really don't do a thing for me with big round areola and flat nipples.

Now I am sure I haven't painted a great picture there but on with the punt ...
After DFK and fondling she soon got to work on my cock for owo which is where she very much started to come up to scratch. She did everything that I wanted without asking, sloppy and a nice bit of spitting, taking it nice and deep, looking into my eyes and just enough wanking whilst she got to work on my balls too. This was great for a while as i was sitting at the edge of the bed and she was on her knees but we moved on top of the bed and that is when she unleashed the saggy puppies which got probably less than 20 seconds attention from me and I went back to DFK. she asked what position I wanted to fuck her in and I went for mish, not usual for me but it must have suited me at the time. She was butt naked by then except for a lovely pair of high heels which she kept on throughout which was nice.
Unfortunately because her body shape wasn't really my bag I started to lose my hard-on a little and because of the condom i started to get a bit of a bend each time I thrusted so I asked to go back to oral (not on her though ... just me !)
She was very happy to oblige and I checked my watch briefly and realised I had over 30 minutes left. Now I am very happy to report that for the next 25 minutes she sucked and sucked my cock without hesitation or complaint to give me the best session of head that i think I have ever had. She seemed to love it too. At one point she was going up and down on me so fast that her false eyelashes fell off ! Although it was amazing I couldn't seem to quite get to the money shot so with about 5 mins to go i opted to climb back on top of the bed and we sort of entwined each others legs and i wanked myself off as she fingered herself in front of me ... and that did the job.
She was really friendly and chatty as we cleaned up without rushing and didn't start texting or listening to voice mails or any of the other shit they usually do. i had another quick shower and kissed her goodbye.

To summerise, Her photos were extremely flattering regarding her body, she is not fat but just much heavier than the pics. I don't think the pictures were airbrushed particularly and facially she didn't look any different so it is not like they are old photos either. Maybe she just put on weight in a short space of time. However as i said on my earlier post, she is one of the nicest and most professional wg's i have ever met and i am sure thousands of men would be very happy with her body.

Around the time I saw her another punter pulled her up on her size as she was advertising she was size 6 - 8 on her profile and she replied politely to his feedback comment saying that she admitted that since she had stopped dancing she had gone from a size 6 - 8 to more of an 8 -10. ... I think actually 12 is more accurate.

I hope this gives you an overview, I am surprised she has fallen off the radar as she was so well organised, seemed really happy to be doing the job and had probably a hundred or so feedback as I remember, but clearly circumstances change.

Yes that's the Melody I had some great times with too. I'd agree that she was a bit fuller in figure than in the photos, but that was a plus for me.

I also agree that she is probably the most professional lady I've had the pleasure of meeting. A real shame she seems to have gone. Might have to check other agencies covering London and the south coast to see is she still active.

Offline Luke

I second that too, she was very friendly and professional on call, she couldnt tour near my area and sadly we couldn't meet but was definitely one I was looking forward for..

Offline CoolTiger

Melody was originally from the Lincoln/Peterborough Area and used to tour around this area on aregular basis in 2010~2011.

I saw her incall at a Hotel in Leicester in Oct-2010. Had an excellent 1hr session and was not able to extend it, as she had
a prior booking. AFAIR, she lived/worked in London and would stop off at 1 or places in the East Mids, on her way home.

I did rtecommend her to few punting friends that I knew from auto-censored.
I tried to book her again, but found it difficult, as tours were unprerdictable, and she also had a history of letting punters
down at the last minute, without any prior notice, with her phone going into voicemail. 

In terms of size, pics posted above were a fair reflection of her figure at that time, Oct-10.

Offline Luke

anyone knows where she maybe now?

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