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Author Topic: What am I doing wrong? (first post)  (Read 1575 times)

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for a while but this is my first post. I am hoping for some advice/reassurance relating to my tentative steps into this alluring world.

Being based in Soho for work, over the last few years I've allowed myself to go from sex shops, to strip clubs to massage parlours. Until this week, the massage places I've been have offered nothing more than hand relief, and this has cost somewhere between £40-£60 on top of the cost of the massage (around £60 for hour).

Using this forum I deduced that Chinese massage parlours were a better bet for less cost and more service. This turned out to be true and this week I found myself in a dodgy looking basement, with a bed pressed up against the wall, a masseuse in stockings beginning "oil? yeah, will need some oil" and calling me "darling" all the time. Seemed I'd finally arrived at somewhere where massage was just the official line!

At the end she offered extras with "tell me how much you want to spend and I'll say what I'll do". This was immediately exciting but I wanted something specific. Just a hand job, but her naked and as much touching of her as possible.

Here's the thing. She wanted £40 for the hand job, another £60 to take off her top (and I could touch her body) and another £20 to remove skirt. In the end, £120 and she was still wearing knickers and saying it would be MORE if I wanted to suck her tits or if I wanted body-to-body.

So my question is whether I'm doing something wrong regarding the cost negotiation because this seems very high. I know, for instance, I could go to an independent escort specialising in erotic massage for the same cost for 90 minutes.

I only hesitate to go to an escort because of my nerves. I feel I need to be spontaneous and making a booking could cause days of anxiety at this stage. I would much prefer to visit a massage parlour, if only I felt the costs were more reasonable. And this girl was perfect for my needs, pretty, sweet, good technique etc. No other reason to go elsewhere.

Any advice would be appreciated. Please be gentle!

Offline RedKettle

I have no experience of massage parlours so not able to advise on that but I would say that given how much you are paying you would be much better off with an indie escort booking.  Not sure why you are nervous about that, for me it is the less risky option than a parlour.  Also you refer to days for the booking whereas you can often do a same day or day before booking, indeed I would say that is the norm.

Good luck with it.  :hi:

Offline Steely Dan

These *are* escorts, just poor ones.  They will have sex for money.  Why not go to a soho walk up? The experience is 95% same as these.  If you still dont want sex, they will be happy with that, but you will get better service for less money.  After that return here and we will send you to HoD or LMP (Phoenix) :)

Thanks for replies. Makes sense. I guess I'm lying to myself with the difference between an indie escort/walk up, and a massage parlour. The latter I feel like it's all innocent with the staff etc and just goes a little further, whereas the others it's clear what's going on. Maybe I just need to take that step. And perhaps that's the answer- the reason it costs more is because they know I'm the type who's still pretending?

Whilst I'm here, what's HoD and LMP?!

Offline jsparky

'House of Divines' and 'Lady Marmalade Parties' (re-open as Phoenix sex club)

Prossies could tell if you're inexperience, hence she's trying to squeeze money from you. SOHO walk-ups and Chinese massage parlours doesn't actually give you value for money.

£30 for 15minutes was in reality 120 per hours, just check out the review sections and you'll find much better qualities service within the range 120/hrs.

Offline Quatro

Your Chinese friend was taking the piss I'm afraid.

There are plenty of good independent WGs reviewed on here who will do most things for around £100 and will be naked from the get go.

Take the plunge and book one from AW.

Thanks, all. Lesson learned! Really appreciate the supportive tone of the replies. Cheers.

Offline LL

Why not book an escort who offers full service (sex) and also massage?
Therefore your anxiety about the booking will be lower as you don't have to decide what you want in advance.  You just turn up, start with a massage, then if you want more just go with the flow.  If not then you've still had a good massage and there shouldn't be any pressure from the girl to so any more than that if you don't want to.  Soho massage parlours are a rip-off if you want anything more than a handjob (for which I would never pay any more than £20 as I seem to keep writing these days).

Your next question might be, "who should I book?".  I would suggest searching AdultWork and ticking "massage" and sex in the "likes' - then dig through the results and post a few girls here which you like the look of - then other members can let you know their thoughts on them.

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