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Author Topic: part tine Christmas pop ups  (Read 934 times)


Hi Guys

Please uupdate this thread with the Xmas pop up profiles..... 

Offline iPad3

There's a nice little van selling mince pies and mulled wine just outside bank station

The Newington Library is in a temporay pop up at the top of the Walworth road while fire damage is being repaired.

There was a Playstation '94 shop that popped up this week on Bethnal Green Road selling PS4s that look like PS1s for £19.94.

Offline Sedlmayer

In Greenwich town centre, on the corner near the Mitre pub every year there's a pop-up Xmas tree vendor, just on the pavement.
They've been doing it for thirty years - I don't even think they've got a license or anything, but the cop shop is close by, so I reckon the rozzers turn a blind eye and get their trees there at a tidy discount. They're nice people, the trees are top quality and the prices beat the living shit out of all the posh places and garden centres round SE London. Cracking Xmas tradition round Greenwich way. Warms the cockles of your heart, it does.
Merry Xmas, by the way. :drinks: God bless us, one and all.
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