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Author Topic: She's the Bomb!  (Read 1344 times)

Roll up Roll up an Xmas treat for you not to be missed! .........actually.... Trying to get my head round how stupid the average punter is in there eyes? Pay attention to the verification photo before it's hidden!!!! :wackogirl:


Offline Happyjose

Sexy Sarah is definitely an optimist

this might qualify for the most misleading profile pics
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Offline temudjin

so.....just to be clear. if i book her.......do i get the 60 year old grunter? or will they bait and switch with something younger but still not what i was expecting? or hey! maybe that is her! body of an angel......face of a mountain troll!  :thumbsup:

Offline CBPaul

Oh for fucks sake, it's already gone.

I want to see the picture of the minger   :angry:

To those who missed it I could have put the pics on but you needed to see it in the same profile to get the effect of cock in hand bombing it to the scammers house then only for a Romanian Mrs Doubtifire to take all your doshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  :hi: but if it comes back I'll slap it back on!

Offline bakerted

How about this one to make up for your disappointment CBPaul.

new sexi kitty https://www.adultwork.com/2666389 or https://www.adultwork.com/new+sexi+kitty  :thumbsup:

And at the big reveal at the door you get

Now that is disappointment for you CB

Is that Lionel Ritchie on the ID card?   :music:

Offline cunnyhunt

Is that Lionel Ritchie on the ID card?   :music:

Hello........is it me you're looking for........I can see it in your eyes.......

(Ok I do not know the song but my friend is now singing it  :music:)

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