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    Saw her last week…

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    Texted day ahead to book 1.5hrs, answered fairly quickly and set up a time. Requested outfit and asked whether anal was extra or included, she texts back with included, OK and postcode.


    West Drayton, maybe 5-10mins from Heathrow junction of the M4. New development of flats, quite nice. Parking within complex is a little limited for visitors but you could park in the street before you enter. Large flat.  Ask what floor and flat as the numbering is a bit odd i.e. the flat numbers don’t correlate to the floors! Bumped into another punter looking as well.. hi there!

    Large and fairly plain room with no furniture with ensuite bathroom, very modern and under the eaves.

    The Girl

    Pictures on AW were accurate, she was listed as a size 8 but think she was a tad larger, pretty in a normal sort of way. Big boobs for her frame which were nice and heavy. Mild stretch marks on her thighs and tanned. Romanian.

    The Meet

    It all started off a little strange, I arrived as another punter did, same time, I was ushered into a room and she asked who have I come to see and for how long? I told her Annabel and she said it was her… how long… I had booked for an 1.5hrs but made a quick change to an hr as I was wondering what sort of setup it was.. Paid £110 which was hourly rate. So glad I didn’t pay the £160 for 1.5hrs. Paid dosh up front and she disappeared for a moment.
    Needless to say she wasn’t wearing what I asked. Oh well, never stays on long anyway.
    Tried to talk to her and her lack of English/manner stopped that in its tracks.. zip..
    So, we both undress, no kissing. No GFE here, this was just a straight fucking session.
    Suck her boobs and then she dives in OW..  Then straight onto cowgirl which was quite nice and mish, probably fucked for 25mins, I was dripping with the effort! Really enjoyed the mish. Hadn’t come at this point and so wanted to tap into that arse, started with 69 with her giving OW/handjob, that was me done.
    This is around the 30-35min mark I’m guessing and this is where it went strange for me, I came all over her face/boobs and she darts off to the ensuite, ok I think she is cleaning up to come back… oh no… straight into the shower and I’m lying on the bed for round 2..huh?  Slightly disappointing.
    I go to look for her and find her in the shower, ok, can I join u, sure.. as soon as I go in she finishes and out.
    So, sod this, I’m going to finish my shower and off… I’m not confrontational so wasn’t going to ask for a refund, just write a review and learn.


    Well to be fair, she had a nice body, was tight and has a lovely set of boobs, firm/ample and she fucked with plenty of enthusiasm.


    Soft/cuddly body and ample boobs.
    Good fuck in mish, lots of pelvic grinding and nice moaning…


    Organisation, list of services was not demonstrated and cutting short the booking… No conversation/small talk or Kissing…


    I’d probably go back for 30mins… but only if I was driving past on the M4 and had an urge to just fuck some tight young thing and not worry about any interaction?
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    Offline king tarzan

    I was going to see her last week, spoke on phone, she agreed to dfk, owo oral on her and sex for 30 mins..
    but something instinct told me she will be crap, so decided not to go to her..
    glad i did not after reading your review..
    Banning reason: Annoying dick

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