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Author Topic: Fun with a Porn Star Madlin Moon  (Read 2202 times)

28 review(s) for MadlinMoonXXX (27 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Saw Madlin Moon today for an hour incall and had a great time.


Venue Nice apartment close to Shepherd's Bush. Nice and Modern.

Comms Great Comms with Madlin. Sent an email enquiring about her availability and agreed a time. She text me her address yesterday.

Event Arrived to see Madlin dressed in Sexy Santa Outfit. Sorted out the business side and took a shower. Came out and started with a session of DFK, she did a sexy dance for me in her Santa Suit and we moved onto the bed, more DFK with Madlin, she is great kisser by the way and then moved onto a long session of 69, she gave me a great blow job whilst massaging my balls till I popped in her mouth.

We chatted for a while and then started more DFK and then more great oral by Madlin and then on with a condom and fucked Madlin in doggy and her on top till I popped again.

More DFK and then another session of 69 and fucked Madlin with her vibrating dildo whilst licking out her pussy. Ended the session with me wanking off till I popped whilst Madlin sat on my face.

Summary Great punt with Madlin. She has a fantastic body and gives a great blowjob whilst being a great fuck.

I would definitely recommend her to other punters and will see her again when she is back in London in January. :thumbsup:

HD  :diablo:

28 review(s) found for MadlinMoonXXX linked to in above post (27 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Quesadilla

Glad you had a good punt - she was definitely a milestone for me as I always loved her in porn.  Would have seen her again myself this month if I wasn't maxed out with other appointments - next year for sure.  :drinks:
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

Offline hendrix

Glad it went well! I haven't seen her since a duo with MissKDD that was fantastic. "Madlin gate" here was a concern, but I think I'd still have been happy to see her again based on my experience.

Crikey I wondered what happened to her after that negative review and all mention of her suddenly died down.

She was UKP's darling before then and now Platinum Cindy stepped into the void and took that crown from her  :D

Offline thunder

I just find it strange that she is a porn star but she doesn't even offer facials!very limited services it seems...


I just find it strange that she is a porn star but she doesn't even offer facials!very limited services it seems...

Good review HD -  :diablo: - You beat me to it as I saw her yesterday for a +2 hour session and Yes her Santa Outfit was superb but better when it all came off - My review to follow


Offline herbie007

Thanks for the review HD and glad you enjoyed.

I had a good time when I saw her but it been a year since then.

Missed out this time round, hopefully catch up when she’s back in the next year.  :drinks:

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