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Author Topic: Chinese Full Body - Getting Sick of Asian Massage Outlets  (Read 3048 times)

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£80 for 30 minutes.

I am through with Asian massage outlets.

I want to give this review a positive because the girl was very sweet, but I just can't because I now find that asian massage outlets are just a rip off when compared to what else is out there.

Coms were excellent. Sent a text with the address, just off Victoria St, quite near to New Scotland Yard. Clean flat (2 bed). Massage tables in each of two rooms. I opted for 30 mins for 30 quid.

The girl was lovely. 6/10 face. About 20 years old (which means she could be in her 30s in Asian years). Very slim. Good English and a very nice personality. Offered me a towel and told me to get undressed and she'd be back in a couple of mins.

I lay face-down on the massage table and she came back in a whipped the towel entirely off (usually they are a little more softly-softly). The massage was crap so I knew it was a B2B and HE play (and possibly more). I asked about extras and she quoted £30 for HE and £50 for B2B and HE. I thought it was a bit pricey. Tried to get her lower the prices but she was having none of it. So I handed over another £50.

Lovely small tits with erect nipples. Not shaved pussy but groomed. Very tight slim/muscular body. She was happy for me to play with her tits but clenched every time I tried to slip my fingers into her snatch. I let her give me a B2B which was okay and then a HE because I was getting bored.

Here's the thing: for £10 quid less, I could have had 30 mins OWO and FS (multiple pops) at HOD 2 just a few minutes away. And for £20 more, I could have had a cracking little Thai girl for 30 mins with OWO, Anal and FS (probably multiple pops) from Invasian just a couple of tube stops away.

Moral of the story: Lovely girl, but Asian Massage outlets are now massively overpriced for the services they offer.

I'm sticking to WGs and Agencies from now on.

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Offline UberX

actually I have seen many Chinese girls they actually do not shave pussy and very pricey for body2body massage and now a days it is very hard to find a well established Chinese massage parlour. The main thing is that they continuously change girls and majority are lack of experience.
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Offline SamLP

Puntico, once you know you can punt a girl for the same amount the experience of a massage and a few extras diminish. I now go every now and then when I'm shagged out but leave feeling I didn't get vfm. The chinese places are the worst especially around Soho. I find Thai's more friendly and would be willing to go lower and give more extras. I've pissed off a few girls when I've told them I don't want any extras only a massage but that was because their attitude during the massage was absolute rubbish. They forgot I was the client and seemed to think I owed them a favour. A few were insulting it made it easy to tell them I'm not interested in a HE even though I've flipped over and she's massaging my legs with my cock in full view. One recent massage in Soho a fit young chinese girl was massaging me, shit massage and focused on my arse most of the time, but she was childish and rude, and turned it up a notch when she asked if I wanted anything extra and I told her no not really I just want a relaxing massage but I've only got £15 on me anyway if you want to go ahead otherwise just continue with the massage. Her reaction was even more silly, mentioning she isn't one of those cheap sluts she's more high class (darling you massage and wank guys off like all the rest). She then started being sarcastic and called me a liar many times saying all men lie to any conversation we were talking about. She sneezed during the massage and when I mentioned the cold weather she replied she was just allergic to me and my cock. Anyway at the end when I was leaving she said see you next time and I told her I don't think so and walked out. For me a massage is sometimes essential but finding the right place and girl is the difficult part. I have a few but in Soho it's hot and miss, mostly miss.

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