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Author Topic: Thailand - plus Cambo & Philippines dangers  (Read 1071 times)

Online Marmalade

Part of this video is quite amusing - especially the chap who says Pattaya is not really a sex capital any more but more like 'Monaco.'


The stuff on Cambodia serves a bleak warning and also applies to the Philippines. Entrapment by NGOs is BIG business (as is almost all types of NGO work in Cambodia - really quite sickening). As the guy explains, they only get paid if they catch someone, so if they can't find genuine cases they fabricate them. I've been to these countries and haven't personally seen any evidence of prostitution of minors. Most of the places I've visited have reasonable checks. But it probably exists. There was a convincing story on another board about a guy who felt sorry for a streetkid begging and walked him across the road to a food stall, at which point two NGOs grabbed him and accused him of all sorts. However needy and pathetic children look in these countries, you should not approach them or try to help them directly. Another scam that has been widely reported on ISG, is where a punter orders a WG to his hotel room, a woman appears with a minor in tow, makes some excuse and nips out of the room leaving the minor, then two seconds later the police burst in, obviously a set-up. When it comes to Cambo and Philippines, stick to the registered areas, don't pick up anyone off the street, ask locals you trust to help check I.D.s if necessary, and be very careful about scams. For instance, in Walkabout hotel in Phnom Penh (where prostitutes hang out down by the pool tables), there is a strict age policy for them even to get into the pool area, with a security guy checking their I.D.s as they come in. The owners are pretty straight, so if in doubt ask the manager. They are plenty of people who genuinely care, and it is better to get locals to intervene if possible rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Online Jimmyredcab

Pattaya like Monaco            :D :lol: :D :lol:

It is the biggest sex city in the world and will be for many years to come.

Regarding underage girls, there is no guarantee that the girl is over 18 even if you take her from a Go-Go bar, if in doubt don't take a chance.   ;)

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