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Author Topic: Showeing Etiquette  (Read 2186 times)

Offline Marmalade

AnthG this evidently the result of your recent experience with a poor provider and the subsequent damage limitation employed by the agency, at your expense in that it's left you feeling in the wrong somehow and worrying that you'll get a repeat performance. It wasn't your fault and the Pro$$ie just tried to cover up for her crap service. If it were an issue she would have said before the action commenced, end of.
Well said, Jacob. Shit happens. It's great to use every experience as a learning opportunity, to take better precautions or be more careful in some way. But also not to lose one's faith in humanity (or even in the existence of decent brothels and working girls).

First time I was robbed in Rio de Janeiro, I spent twelve hours worrying that every fucker out there was gonna try and mug me. I determined not to carry more valuables than I needed and maybe (I hope) vowed to stay really alert at all times (which I did/do, but then to the point it became/becomes 2nd nature, and not unpleasant). But it was only slowly I was able to remind myself that Brasilians are wonderful people, that I get more smiles from the heart just walking to the beach than I do during say a week in a city like London. That most people are genuine, a few are not, and a quite a few are somewhere in between.   
As is pretty clear from what's been posted taking care of things beforehand is enough. After all it's well known that Parlour girl's only clean up with a wet wipe between Punters.  ;)
Note the smiley - I think our parlours up here generally must be more civilised!

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