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Author Topic: XX Hot Jessica XX  (Read 5528 times)

18 review(s) for ~ P A U L A ~ 4YOU (14 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2499651 or https://www.adultwork.com/XX+HOT+JESSICA+XX

I've had a few visits with Jessica, my first being when she was using Erika's flat, in fact it was the gorgeous Erika who introduced me to Jessica and I'm glad she did.

This is the link to the FR I wrote ( Link to this page using this URL: https://www.adultwork.com/FR?97784)  and here an extract from the "about the meeting section" -.....

Sit back and enjoy.... :dance: :yahoo:....I sure did

About The Meeting

Great 1hr booking with Jessica today, I've seen Jessica 4-5 times now and each time my experience with her is better and better. ( for those that don't know Jessica and Erika are really good friend and the service offered is similar)

Today I was off so decided a return visit was in order, also a change for me to visit a working girl so early in the afternoon. Also did see lots of other profiles but I wanted a guaranteed great time and Jessica offers this every time with out fail...

Jessica's place is the newish flats just behind the St Enoch centre, so all very safe and discrete with loads of parking that is free after 6pm. The flat itself is immaculate and her bedroom is really inviting and cosy.

Got there and was greeted by Jessica in sexy underwear and sexy high heels sandals, anyone that know me will know I'm a foot lover and her body, legs and feet looked great. Some great passionate kissing at the door had me nearly busting out of my jeans lol...

Into the bedroom and some more kissing before I stripped and nipped into her gorgeous bathroom, men's toiletries and fresh towels available. Back into the room and Jessica got the towel and dried me off...great touch.

Onto the bed and some more dfk......the Jesscia moved onto owo...wow this girl knows how to work a cock with her tongue and mouth I had to slow her down and stop a few times as I was at the edge. She the stripped off leaving her heals on for me and got onto top and slide her body up and down...my uncovered cock was under her bum cheeks.......and it felt great with my cock so close to her wet pussy.

I got her onto her back and got down between her legs....she was wet and making all the right noises as my tounge explored her pussy and made a few cheeky lick her are anus.....it looked so tight. The on with the helmet and I started with missionary......she hitched her legs up so I could push deep and slow.....she felt soaking wet.....the got on my back and got her to ride me cowgirl....what a site....after a good 5/10 mins on her bouncing on my cock I exploded in the helmet.

Nice clean up and a drink that Jessica provided and onto round two...once her lips were around my cock it didn't take long to get me hard again..... Time to pay attention to her gorgeous tits...great responsive nipples and a nice handful of tits...... The down to her feet....sucked toes for a bit and she was enjoying it and with her sexy heels on...she started to finger herself and she really got lost in the moment her fingers were soaking wet and a nice touch she let me lick her pussy juice off her fingers.... I was ready to come again......slipped off her heels and she wanked and played with my balls with her feet and I shot my load all over gorgeous toes......wow...what an hour..well we were actually over but not once did she look at her clock.

Jessica helped me clean up and we slowly kissed a little more and had a nice chat....this girl offers a great service and a great GFE with a body that is almost perfect on my eyes......can't wait to see her again soon.

18 review(s) found for ~ P A U L A ~ 4YOU linked to in above post (14 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

I should add this meet was last week.....just sitting writing this whilst out of the uk for a few days....

 :dash: :dash: :dash:

Right it's been a long few days and not much sleep....I have just realised the report I copied and pastd above was a previous visit in October....I don't think I can see the FR I just wrote today until after its approved...I think?

If anyone can find my new FR I have just written for Jessica please add the link otherwise I will update when I'm back home and have caught up on my sleep and worked off some of this jet lag..... :dash:

Okay here is the correct link for my AW FR....


This is the main part of the review to wet your appetite....

Arrived at the flat and Jessica answered wearing a short skirt with no panties and a sexy blouse with no bra and gorgeous high heels sandals to show off her sexy feet ...all as requested...in fact I don't request anymore as she now knows what I like.

Started with some kissing at the door as I felt my way round her body stroking her naked bum and boobs through her clothes...she stroked my now hard cock through my jeans.

Into the bedroom.....this is new build flat so it was immaculate .... Off with my clothes and more kissing..... I really had to pull myself way for a shower.

Back in the room and Jessica had bought me in a drink.....she was naked on the bed with just her heels on. Started with stroking her sexy feet and her sexy heels on my cock. Then in for a taste of her sweet pussy and some rimming....this girl has a gorgeous pussy and ass.

After more kissing on with the balaclava and Jessica got on top.....now this girl knows how to slide up and down a hard cock slowly....WOW....didn't take long before I shot my load hard into the bag...... I think there hasn't been a time where I haven't climaxed with this girl....this girl is good.

I still had over 30mins left so we chatted and snuggled up naked with each other.....I love the way she keeps stroking my balls and cock...second one for me is usually hand relief...Jessica got some oil out and it wasn't long before i was hard again......some more OWO and hand relief and I was nearly there and then bang.....nothing.....this didn't deter Jessica....she started stroking again and I was hard again and back in the rhythm.... I took control as Jessica slipped off her heels and let me suck her gorgeous toes.....that was it she positioned herself legs apart and fingers deep in her own wet pussy and I worked hard and came hard all over her feet....I loved the way she gently stroked my cock with her feet all covered in my cum.

Another epic hour with Jessica....this girls body, personality, kindness and her desire to please puts her near the top of my list every time......I like to try different girls but this girls one who I will always come back to...and at £110 per she is priced perfectly for me.

Don't miss the chance to see this gem....

Did she talk all the way through it ... Lots of Oo's and aa's
Just needed to shut the fck up at times lol
But agree very sexy body and get service.

Yeah I've seen her a few times and she knows not to do so much of the "big boy" ..."my baby" etc etc... Plus if you keep her mouth full of cock that keeps her quiet lol...

Offline Tjkooker

There must have been some pee sprinkle on the bathroom floor and some crusty cum on the towel as taz didn't give a rating for her bathroom , towel and toiletries
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

TJ .....  Sorry I missed that..... The toilet was immaculate and the towels were really really fluffy ...just like me :dance:

Feeling like some action today  :diablo: .... Got one of my favourite Glasgow girls ....XX Hot Jessica XX ......booked for this afternoon  :kissgirl: ........ In my eyes offers one of the best GFEs but also OWO etc........looking forward to it

Offline Alexix

Taz, it seems to me that she looks older than 29, I mean 37-38. 
More or less, how old do you think she is?

Mmm I would guess about 35... But she does have a killer body in my eyes...

Had a wee session with Jessica last week and whilst I can't really add too much to the previous posts, I would suggest;

She is definitely 35+

She a wee bit heavier than her pics suggest

She doesn't half talk "pish"..."lovely boy".."big boy".."beautiful boy"..etc..etc..etc

However, having said that, it didn't really detract too much from the experience.
She is a really warm, welcoming, comfortable, relaxing, fuck :)

Having got to know her in about 5 minutes, it was like slipping into your favorite slippers except she was a bit tighter ;)
She does all the usual stuff (well usual for me anyway) and very good she is too.

She seems to have a kindness/feeding need so to shut her up, I accepted the coffee, chocolates,...etc which were forced upon me, drawing the line at the brandy as I was driving. Make no mistake if you like being pampered, she is the girl for you.

All in all the experience reminded me of visiting your mistress for an hour of comfortable cosy sex, not usually my thing at the moment but after the Christmas excesses, it was good to relax  :)

Yeah that's what I love about Jessica ..it's great and very very relaxed.....I think I have had an orgasm on every visit with her  :yahoo:

Offline garybs

I wonder what the reason behind her name change on adultwork is??

Maybe it's a better hooker name  :D

what has she changed her name too? can't find the profile. sounds promising though

Not sure what happened the profile is there but it's blank with no pics?

She was having some ex-boyfriend trouble when I last visited, might be that? I got the impression that she liked Glasgow and was here for the long haul so looks like "circumstances beyond her control!" :unknown:

Thats a shame......let's hope she is back on the scene soon

Just noticed profile is back up and running but with another name change and new mobile number


Suppose it makes sense from the previous post about some ex partner issues she is having ...... Hope this helps and it's def the same girl

18 review(s) found for ~ P A U L A ~ 4YOU linked to in above post (14 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Hmmm. And obviously fake pictures on the profile now too.

I've see her a few times and agree these pics don't look like her....she is away hotter in real life...so dosent make sense

Offline seeker

Did she talk all the way through it ... Lots of Oo's and aa's
Just needed to shut the fck up at times lol
Must be 35  to 40
Worth  an experience but wouldn't go back .
Back to the 20 -25 year old With size 6 to 8 toned bods for me . :cool:

Offline chico1000

Must be 35  to 40
Worth  an experience but wouldn't go back .
Back to the 20 -25 year old With size 6 to 8 toned bods for me . :cool:
Just back from Jessica/Paula/Marinka or whatever. She has a bit of belly compared to when I met her in the summer in Erika's flat.    Not scary though. Exceptionally enthusiastic. I would agree she is aged about 36...all the "big boys"  "I want your cock" I burst at laughing so many times.
Banning reason: Troll

I know I've told her not to use the "oh baby....big boy thing with me.

But she is so caring isn't she.....she is all the way through the session making sure you are comfy don't want a drink etc ......I love that side of the session with her you can just chill out she put me that much sat ease.

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