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Author Topic: Busty Electra (Willsdon Green)  (Read 1803 times)

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Offline The_Don

https://www.adultwork.com/1929902 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty+Electra

On my smart phone so will add to this later.


Price: £0

Comm's: Via phone calls and text maid handle all (don't for 1 momment think she indi) called at 6pm, and set up the meeting, she wasn't to forcoming with details and text post code.  Asked for 7pm she stated fine, then text back to delay until 7:30. I was ok with this (should have said no thanks then). Drove from north london to the location ( 45 mins with traffic) then received another text,
love can we move to 7 50 plss
each time she text I reply but she won't pick up. so I've been waiting 30+ mins and now more waiting time. At this point I'm seeing Red, but I put on some music and chill. 7:55 no texts so I call and text, no replies. Then 7:57 a text with address again.  8:06 she text door number, enter the house and she ask how long and money first, so I duely ask for toilet. Her phone rings she start screeming in polish.  2 mins later I'm in the bed room. She enters after 3 more mins an want to know how long askes for money again, I ask if she has another booking @ 9 pm as its now 8:14 and I want an hour. She then baby you can have the time you pay for but I need to know how long you stay. Clearly not listening to me and starts looking at me funny. I noticed the room was full of empty beer cans and as an ex drinker I could smell it all over her. I then asked her to smile please and the look she gave me was one of disgust. At this point I said no thanks and walk to the bedroom door. She stepped in my path and demanded £10 for the use of her toilet. I moved past her and walked down stairs and she rambling on about time wasting. I told told her what about my hour + travel time wasted. Opened the front door and walked. I couldly her another girl but didn't see her.

Would I visit again: No not for me.

2 review(s) found for kinky milf Alexia linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Disaster  :bomb:

That's good you walked  :hi:

Offline punk

Bit shocked really, seen her and found her to be normal, no smell of booze, shame.

Offline SamLP

Sorry to hear that Don, I was contemplating booking her last week when I was going to be in the area but time constraints prevented me. Looks like I got lucky. Good luck in your next punt

Offline punk

going down hill feedback hidden,shame she was good in old street when i saw her big tits, no cim, owo ok.

Offline The_Don

Custom, must be bad as now £70 P/H  :vomit:

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