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Author Topic: Pixie of Massage Northampton  (Read 989 times)

Offline Happy Hatter

Whenever I can I call in at  Massage Northampton. I have a favourite called Star who I always see if she is there. On her days off I have seen 10 or so other girls, most of whom have been good and none of them have been awful. Last Saturday Star was ill so I decided to see the new girl Pixie on a whim as all that days girls were unknown to me. What a lucky decision.
She is a late 20's blonde,size 10 with small tattoos,pierced navel and tounge,pretty with a wonderful attitude to sex. She adores your cock. If it is not in her mouth ("I love to suck cock") she is massaging or wanking it. She talked excitingly dirty. Not in the pathetic way of porn films and bad escorts but as your lover would when she was getting a wide on. She asked me if the girl I saw last swallowed when I came in her mouth. When I said yes she told me I was a lucky bastard.She adores opening her legs wide for you to get deep into her arse with your mouth. She does not do anal but really loves to be rimmed. When I rubbed her anus with my nose as I slowly licked her clit she went wild. She has large pussy lips that are very sensitive so do not suck them, more stroke them with your lips to get the best response from her.
I was close to losing control when she said she could wait no longer, slipped a condom on me and slid onto my cock in reverse cowgirl fashion. She asked if I liked the view ? In front of me was this firm,small arse with a still gaping anus pouting above pussy lips that stretched up and down my shaft as an incredibly tight pussy bounced upon it. To the side was the full length view of her body. Her toes were in my armpits with her long legs slightly bent as she supported herself on straight arms, allowing her breasts to wobble and sway as she thrust her pelvis up and down. Perhaps not the best thing I had ever seen but certainly the best that had me in it !
As my toes were beginning to curl she asked me to switch to doggy to make her come. This we did and 50 rapid strokes later I was done. She was professional enough to join in the climax. As we collapsed I said thank you and she mumbled into the pillow something like wonderful. She is very good at her job.
This girl is obviously experienced and did say she had worked before in Bristol but I have never heard of her. Let's hope she does not return to Canada to quickly.
Banning reason: Touting

Offline Steely Dan

She adores your cock."

Was this review written by a woman?  For fuck sake.

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