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Author Topic: Lustylisax - glasgow?  (Read 1357 times)

(First post - sorry it's not more exciting!)

I can see some positive comments from a few years ago, just wondering if anyone has seen her recently?


Welcome was wondering when another one would come trundling along, join yer pals mate yet another new poster and 1st post touting an old WG!
Your post says “….see some positive comments from a few years ago……” ! Don’t see any on this profile / reviews - only 2 both recent?

Real punters know Lisa’s been around for years and had several prior AW profiles.
Times must be hard for her as she’s dropped her prices maybe her knickers must be falling aff as not being able to eat through earning little trade.


Not sure what all that means - it was a genuine question :-)  The reference to positive comments was from a quick google search for 'lusty lisa glasgow' that brought up comments from 2011 on another site - but I couldn't find anything more recent, hence asking :-)  Didn't mean to tread on any toes!
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Offline auldie63

Saw her 4 or 5 years ago when she lived next to Hampden and had a good time there. Have since seen posts on here that said she had became a bit of a junky and was now a waste of time. Perhaps she has now smartened her act up, we can but hope. Why not go see her, maybe take one for the boys, then give us a review.

Ah - ta!  That doesn't sound too promising (and not a little tragic).  It just happened she is right between two places I have to travel between quite often so I thought it might have worked out.

Offline Happyjose

She was discussed here under her old, now deleted profile.


I saw her a couple of years ago and she was unfocused and gave the impression it was a bit of a production line.

Ta for the info - looks like I will give her a miss. 

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