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Author Topic: Pricing  (Read 359 times)

Offline Melb

How do girls decide how much to charge?
I would have imagined they look at the market - location, age, looks, Nationality, services, target punter and the escorts already on websites. next, pick a rate they think is right and then see how successful it is.

But not all of them do this. on AW there are stunning young girls for £100 or less and er..how shall I say this...aesthetically-challenged one for £200 or more. In my area, the south-east, there is usually a crop of newbies on for £150 ish who last just a matter of weeks.

Here's a couple of examples...



No offence intended to either of the girls, just picked 2 at random to illustrate my point. And, of course, girls may charge what they like.

Sometimes I'm amazed to go into a profile and see the rate. I'm sure any mention of the words "too expensive" to the girl would cause a tirade of abuse, judging by the FAQ sections.

Offline brooksey

In the cases you have selected, neither is actually an escort. Judging by the gallery, the first girl thinks she is an interior designer.

The second one is a cam girl who is most likely pretending to be an escort to drum up more cam trade.

Offline SteveNova

The first one gives no information apart from a massage being £35 for half an hour and a hint at extras but no costs or options.  Pictures of her massage table would have been improved if she had been adorning it  :)

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