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Author Topic: Jasmine Just 4u - Aldgate East - Better find a day job and stick to it  (Read 1243 times)

9 review(s) for  jasmine just 4u (4 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline TheOracle

https://www.adultwork.com/1976786 https://www.adultwork.com/+jasmine+just+4u

Sigh, I was writing a longer review but my laptop died suddenly. I guess I'm spoiled by the autosave on the various cloud services.

To summarize:
I went visiting her without checking UKP reviews and only trusting the 32 positive AW feedbacks (not a smart move). On the plus side, she is an extremely beautiful girl, matching her pictures and probably being even better. She has freckles, which I love, and a fantastic combination of a girl next door look and a model-like beauty. Someone on UKP mentioned saggy breasts, but they're just natural (you can see them here). Silky skin, tiny waist, wide hips, flat belly (made me think that she should have babies, she seems done for it), long legs, beautiful ass, long dark hair. Really great looking, 8.5/9 overall.

The flat is on top of a dental centre. Hard to find because the number doesn't fit with the rest of the road (even on the odd side or something similar). I was there on a Sunday evening, and the building front door seemed the shut door of the health centre. Her messages were initially vague and slow, probably because the previous punter was still in (I saw someone exiting that looked like a punter to me). Eventually she came down to fetch me, and started asking me to speak softly.

Her flat is a tiny one, and there's probably three more opening on the same landing: the walls must be very thin, because literally every fucking time I spoke with more than an inaudible hush she asked me to lower the volume. Still, the flat is reasonably welcoming.

I had a shower, and dried up with a towel that looked used. In the meantime she was answering texts on the phone. She was dressed as if she had been cleaning the flat until 5 minutes before, with a dirtyish t-shirt and some poor quality leopard leggings, her hair pulled behind by a rubber band. She looked somewhat tired and didn't make any effort to make me feel welcome (including smiling at me).

The performance was underwhelming at best, with her lacking completely any kind of sensitivity or reaction, just mechanically going through the motions. I tried to caress her, but I might have just recited the periodic table and she would have probably looked more excited. She quickly proposed a BJ (covered: OWO is no longer on the menu), that she started practicing with some skills, but clearly no involvement. I went down on her, and again it was like kissing a meat doll. She doesn't kiss (the light pecking she allows is just a travesty).

Doggy and missionary were what started seriously putting me off: she was all focused on holding the condom in place with two fingers, and otherwise looking completely uninterested and uninvolved. The feeling I had throughout was that she was graciously tolerating me, just waiting for the time to pass. Eyes closed, head turned on the side while lying on her back, she looked like she was dreaming of her next trip or something. "Definitely not the job for her", I thought, with my enthusiasm rapidly waning off. No movement, no sighs, no evident reaction to any of my attempts to establish some sort of connection. Just plain depressing.

Chat between the two rounds (there *is* a second round, differently from what apparently happened in the past) was boring, with her answering monosyllabically to my questions and looking vaguely annoyed by my attempts to talk to her. And again, my attempts to caress her, or simply establish some sort of warmer communication, either verbal or not, were just met with an awkward coldness, some embarrassed giggles and nothing more.

I moved quickly into the second round, but I rapidly got bored of her lack of participation, so eventually I stopped and rushed towards the exit. While I can't say I felt rushed or she watched the clock in the meantime, her total lack of action or reaction made me feel she was barely standing me. When she saw I was losing interest she didn't try anything to keep my motivation going, and just plainly accepted that I was leaving, vaguely attempting a friendlier attitude for the farewell (consisting in a light giggle and a flick on the nose).     

I left 100 pounds and 40 minutes of my life there, and I'm quite sad going back to think about it.
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9 review(s) found for  jasmine just 4u linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline mrhappypants

ytettzru, thank you for your review.  I have been tempted to book her ever since spotting her once on the tube, she looked absolutely beautiful but I have held off because of all the negative reviews.  Your have strengthened my resolve - much appreciated.


When will they learn that a good proportion of the punting client base is married. If we wanted meat slab sex, we'd stay at home and do our wives.

Online king tarzan

nice looker, had her on my visual radar, but not now..
pity, if these women gave excellent service they would be busy and make the money that they come in this profession for..
ultimately there aim is money, but when you give shit service attitude wise in conjuntion with average services darlings you wont be making that much money..
stacy summer and emily top quality physically, gfe services and there reviews total hundreds of ultra positives..
sad when other good looking women just bore the money away..
find another job honey..

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