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Author Topic: Orchid Thai Spa Leeds  (Read 6847 times)

Offline Sancho_p

Read about this place elsewhere. On Vicar Lane just a few yards out of the literal  City Centre. Bit awkward to enter as its upstairs over a Thai supermarket which is piled high with sacks of rice, tins of food and so on. Managed to get through the shop and up the stairs discreetly though.

Smart clean welcoming place upstairs. Friendly older mamasan and slim Thai lady greeted me. Booked the half hour at £25. Taken to a clean well-appointed massage room and told to undress "completely".  She repeated "completely" (twice) and brushed her hand for a brief second on my trousers then left the room.

I was naked ready for her return. Off with the room lights leaving it lit by candles. Good massage with little hint of any extras to follow until the flip. The warm towel (nice touch on  a cold day) was draped over me but very low down and the massage never got above the navel. She would fold the towel to one side to massage the other, but always done I such a way as to never quite cover. Each time it was folded it got smaller and smaller until it was about the size of a face flannel.

finally she threw it away and offered the HJ. Excellent HJ with the occasional finger tickling the bum. No roaming attempted but somehow got the impression it would have been allowed. Massive  cumshot accompanied by an "ooooh!" and a giggle from the girl. 

She cleaned me up gave the tip of my cock the tiniest of little kisses and asked for her tip  in order to leave me to dress. Gave her £20 and she smiled a huge smile, and gave me a peck on the cheek and a tiny tickle.under the balls with her index finger. Left the room, nice smile from the mamasan who told me to  come back soon.

I will!
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Offline Sancho_p

Ignore the above. Although every word is true the long standing people who use this forum will say I am advertising. As a newcomer it seems you will be doubted and mistrusted. If I could delete the above I would - why share useful info with a a cliquey bunch of doubting Thomases?

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Offline yorkshire123

As Sancho_p's comment could seem a little obscure in isolation here is the link to the thread that made him get a little bit pissed off.
However I will stick to everything I wrote on that thread
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Offline rob9420

i have been to thai orchid in leeds and agree with what i said above
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