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Author Topic: Hope this is fake !!  (Read 1384 times)


Just spotted this new profile. Hope its not genuine, bloody dangerous.

Looks like she's got a beard on the 2nd pic

Looks like someones has written it just to piss her off - ex boyfriend etc

Offline Dino

At first I thought 'she' didn't look anywhere near her age, however closer inspection...

Looks like she's got a beard on the 2nd pic

Hands look rough as f***.  Maybe a pre/post op ??

Shame if someone's set profile up just to cause them trouble etc, such antics are really stupid & childish
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Offline yorkshire123

Dino beat me to it.
Those hands are nasty  :vomit:

Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Looks like she has been washing dishes for too long with those hands .!. Why anyone would want to go with her bareback, beggars belief !!.

gotta be a dude...!!! hands like that and what looks like size 11 feet  :scare:

i wouldnt wanna fuck that with my worst enemys cock..!! :vomit:

Online Cynpac

That's got to be a guy Got bigger hands than me and I'm sure thats a ball trying to break through the leotard ( right hand side)

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