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Author Topic: You need a better excuse.  (Read 2497 times)

Offline Melb

I think it's a nice figure, not too fat just cuddly.

Offline Jimmyredcab

I think it's a nice figure, not too fat just cuddly.

The lady is not an escort as far as I know but no doubt she would describe herself as "curvy" ---- when I see that on a profile I assume the girl is overweight.   ;)

Offline Marmalade

If a woman provides a photo that is within a couple of pounds of her actual weight, who cares what she calls it. Like dating sites that talk about "a few extra pounds" - when their idea of "a few" is like the number of minutes it takes to get through to Ryanair Customer Service.

Not many women are going to say, "I'm obese, have tits down to my ankles, and more hair on my chest and arse than my face, which, by the way, is covered in big squeezy pluckes that you can burst at a small extra charge."

If she's provided a photo and some text that vaguely resembles English, then caveat emptor has to come in somewhere. And it's preferably not up her fanny chute if you have to push tit-flaps to one side to get there.

I mean, if you are a double-G enthusiast, shouldn't you be wondering why there's no unclothed breast shot for marketing purposes? It's like, "I have great legs, as you can guess from my head & shoulders picture." Or, "I give the best blow-job in town - but I expect all my clients to wear two extra thick condoms." Dummy.

If a woman is selling herself on the basis of her amazing mammaries, she should at least show an under-breast shot to indicate the amount, or lack, of droop. You don't expect a GG to pass the pencil test, but some of them would struggle to let go of anything that didn't have a lot more than just gravity on its side.

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