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Author Topic: Elie Rose - Marble Arch  (Read 4832 times)

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Offline Sedlmayer


Initial comms by phone were excellent (she's not one of these idiots that insists on booking through AW, thank God) - her English, whilst slightly accented, is excellent and you won't have any difficulty making a booking with her.

Her flat is a short walk from Marble Arch tube, in an upmarket side street, just off the Edgware Rd. The flat is clean and comfortable with a nice bathroom and decent sized bedroom with large comfy bed. All more than fit for purpose.

Ellie is about 5'5"ish, with a firm curvy figure - she's not a supermodel, but has a buxom womanly figure. Her breasts and bum are large and firm. She is facially attractive with very nice smiley dark eyes, and long slightly wavy thick black hair. She is Mediterranean in appearance. She is chatty, intelligent and friendly.
She answered the door wearing a little black dress with nothing underneath except black stockings. Her photos give a very good impression of what she really looks like. I would say she's late 20's in age.

She is more than happy to provide everything on her "Likes" list, and gives a sensual, smootchy GFE - she kisses deeply and passionately, and genuinely seems to enjoy foreplay, stroking, mutual masturbation, oral both ways etc. Responsive and gets naturally wet down there after quite a short time.
 Did a couple of positions - her on top was good, giving the opportunity to fondle and kiss those lovely breasts. She seems keen for CIM, so, of course I obliged. A very nice time in bed.

She certainly wasn't clockwatching with me (I don't actually remember there being a clock to watch) and we chatted for a little after the deed was done.
I really can't think of any neutrals or negatives.

Would I recommend - yes, if the above sounds like your sort of thing (ie don't expect a PSE from a very slender girl)
Would I go back - yes, more than likely.

I've had a very good run of punts over the last few months (and part of that is down to this site, of course) - starting to worry that I must be due a bad one soon  :unknown:

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84 review(s) found for Ellie_12_Rose linked to in above post (84 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline stayer

Glad you had a good punt with a WG who has the figure and service I like.

Added to my horrendously-long HL.

Just when I'd vowed to give up on one hour punts this s comes along! She looks great, thanks for the review, I might try and fit in a session with her before Xmas

Offline Sedlmayer

Kicked off my 2015 campaign with another really nice hour with Elie. I was straining at the leash after a considerable period without a punt, and Elie took care of me very nicely.
Good start to the year  ;)

Offline The Hound

Nice one Sedlmayer - seems us cynical old bastards share a similar taste - I have had the pleasure of Ellie and a cracking find and one I too intend to enjoy more in 2015!

Offline Sedlmayer

Nice one Sedlmayer - seems us cynical old bastards share a similar taste - I have had the pleasure of Ellie and a cracking find and one I too intend to enjoy more in 2015!

Next time I'm in Manchester I'll be looking for some recommendations from you  :thumbsup: mate

Offline Sedlmayer

Had another two great punts with Elie so far this year and it seems to get even better - last time I got a chocolate cupcake for dessert  :P

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