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Author Topic: Abigail or Anita of Admiral Escorts  (Read 1522 times)

Has anyone seen either of these girls?



The pictures look amazing, but I haven't got any experience with Admiral as I've never used them before, so am aware of possible Photoshopping. But even if they are halfway accurate, they're a pair of stunners. Wondering if anyone has any feedback on them.


A bump to the thread in case anyone can shed some light. Searched, but found no reviews.


I have booked Anita for tomorrow (well, she's Mila on Peachy Escorts) after three indies on AW were unavailable,  -Busty Lexi- (can't do the times), AVA-GRACE (didn't reply to messages) and NAUGHTY.MEL (was flaky over email, then overnight put her prices up from £120 to £200)

Will post a review over the weekend.


Offline west8

Hope you read this in time ..

CANCEL Anita. She's not even 'worth' £100. Pictures are extremely flattering (and photoshopped beyond recognition).

She's Romanian, works in Chelsea Cloisters and sucks - in all the wrong ways. Sweet young girl with good English, BUT her service is both disinterested and mechanical.

West8, thanks for your input. You always seem to know your stuff so I'll trust you on this. Need another girl pronto now!



About 3 weeks ago, i saw Oksana of Admirals.

In reality the pictures were extremely flattering. She is not as slim in real life, and just did not do it for me, booked for an hour and stayed about 20 minutes, so not just very average looking in comparison to the pics, the type of average where as soon as you step in you know you won't see her again.

 I originally wanted to see lucia or Gizelle, but both were unavailable.

A lot of girls on Admirals look good in the pics, but i don't know which ones look that good in real life and like you said apart Lucia where you can find lots of reviews of, there is not much reference to go by with the others.

Seems like a bit of a lottery really.

A lot look like FHM pin up girls but in the pics, hard to work out which ones though with the photoshop.
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That's a shame because, holy fuck, her pics are amazing!

Don't know how I didn't spot her, but had I done no amount of advice from anyone on here would have stopped me seeing her!

Offline west8

I agree with giamanto and wrote as much on the other site before Xmas.

Oksana/Suzi works from one of those new buildings behind Paddington station. Porter sitting in the lobby being a nosey cunt and eyeballing everyone coming in and going out.

She's pretty enough, but quite a bit bigger than her pics. Skin isn't great either and it's clear that flat has seen a LOT of action. Multiple girls there.

It would seem her decision to go blonde didn't work out so well after all either: I notice she's back as 'Suzi' on some sites with a change of hair colour/style.

One thing I will say for her though: massive (. ) ( .)'s!  :drinks:

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