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Author Topic: 2014 - First year experiences  (Read 1706 times)

Offline Stevens88

I thought I'd put down my experiences so far as these type of threads have been a tremendous help so far to me.  I know the below info could be put in reviews but I find it hard to 'rate' some punts as just as I didn't enjoy it, it doesn't mean it was the girls fault.  I hope some people find these write ups as helpful as I've found similar posts:

Agency Review:


 Has been my number one choice until very recently.  The communications have always been great and I like being text the addresses as soon as the booking is made.  Diamonds make you call just before hand for exact details - which isn't a problem but the Amour way is better.

I've never had any issue with service from any girls and the people on the phone have been great.  One issue has put me off though and on my last punt last month I got a text 17 mins before the appointment saying my girl wouldn't be ready for a further 15 minutes. Not the end of the world, but not ideal.  I had booked a half hour appointment and as I only ever punt short notice i'm often up against time and I literally only had half an hour to spend with the girl.  This cut my appointment short to 15 mins.  That's not the agency's fault - i'm sure if i'd cancelled they'd understand but as I was practically there, that wasn't really an option.

I then get another text saying after all the girl would be ready and to go as planned.  I got there on the dot only to receive another text saying the girl in fact couldn't see me for 5 or 10 mins.  I went after 5 mins and she came to the door asking me to come back 5 mins later.

It wasn't great at all and I had informed Amour I couldn't extend the appointment.  Add to that I was in a run down area in a suit with nowhere to go and basically had to just walk around the street for 10 - 15 minutes.

I wasn't offered a discount for only being free for a 15 min appointment and the whole thing was really disappointing.  No one got in touch to apologise.  I'd used Amour on over 10 occasions and everything has always been perfect, so one bad experience doesn't suggest it was anything else than an off day - but I've used Diamonds since.

I wish there was a bit more info on the site, like an AW 'like' list so you know the crack before you get there but I suppose there's a very good reason behind that.


I gave Diamonds a go early in the year.  It was the worst experience I've ever had.  EE girl in Heaton.  Didn't answer the door.  Family moving students in next door - looking at me as if I was mad - stood there for ages.  Had to call Diamonds who eventually got her to answer.  Terrible EE punt - you all know what they're like.  I stayed clear of Diamonds after that.

That was until my bad experience with Amour - after reading a lot of good reviews on here I gave them another go and all has been well since.

Some cracking girls and everything has run smoothly.  I once ran 20 mins late for the appointment and the bloke on the phone was really understanding and not angry at all - which put me at ease for the punt - which I was able to make up the time.

The flats aren't the best but good locations and comms are always first class.


Olivia - Amour

I've seen her twice.  Bit of a 'chav' look but she's attractive and friendly.  Great OWO skills (which is mostly what I'm interested in) and not a clock watcher at all.  She's based on a rough estate in Wallsend - so I wouldn't go dressed smartly as you stick out by a mile.

I've seen people complain about how much shit she talks - which is true - but I much prefer that to the professional silence of some other girls. 

She's attractive enough and has small breasts but a nice body and bum.

She's friendly and polite and good at what she does.  I would have recommend but last punt she basically said 'eurgh I hate hairy men.'  Massive turn off and ruined the punt!


[b]Amelia - Amour

I saw Amelia as she was fairly local to me at the time.  She was incredible - full PSE and she takes control from when you step through the door.

Absolute filth and really friendly and polite.  I normally prefer GFE but it's worth seeing her if PSE is not your thing.  She's a smoker (I wish the websites would state this) so that means I wouldn't go back.

keeping things discreet is difficult when you come back smelling of smoke. 

A good experience though.



I saw her after a lot of hype on here.  I was disappointed by the booking.  I don't think she did anything wrong  - we just didn't 'click'. 

I like the WG to be quite bubbly and talkative as it eases the situation and makes things less awkward and she didn't really say anything throughout the booking.

She's attractive, though not the stunner i'd read about on here, and all services were delivered without hesitation and lots of effort.  I think I may have caught her on an off day so would consider going back.

Not a bad punt, just not for me. 



I saw Anna and it actually turned out to be a good appointment.  It started very badly though.  I got there and she was on the phone to Scottish Power for 5 minutes while I waited in the bedroom.  Not ideal.

The site says a 12/14 but she has a small gut and is bigger than that - though I'm no expert.

Despite this she's a really nice girl - has a filthy mouth and probably delivered the best OWO I've had. Lovely breasts and it was enjoyable.

I wouldn't go back considering some of the other girls they have but if you like BBW girls she'd be ideal.



The only genuinely 'fit' WG I've seen from Amour - I was still attracted to all of the other girls but Adrianna is genuinely beautiful.  Really enthusiastic performance and her body and arse are cracking. Only seen her once, but can't wait to see her again for longer.

I recommend  - Amour's best girl IMO.



The first girl I saw - ever.

One of the nicest people I've ever met, never mind WG.  I didn't find her that attractive but she delivered all services brilliantly.  Very PSE which isn't my thing, but pleased I saw her.

She put me at ease and continued to chat after we were done, I ended up over staying by 15 minutes and she was absolutely fine.  Really, really lovely girl - which counts for a lot!


Diamonds Girls


I saw Amy and you can find my review in the review section.  My first time back with Diamonds and she's kept me going back to them.

Perfect GFE.



She's older than it says in the profile but not noticeably.  Brilliant girl.  Fantastic GFE.  Attractive, great hair and a great appointment.  Set me at ease straight away - well dressed and polite.  Highly recommend.

If you're ever travelling and have a bit of money:


Alexis is a British Asian escort and is out of this world.  Pricey compared to around here but had her outcall to my Hotel is Manchester and it was simply the best £200 I've ever spent.

Stunningly beautiful, outrageous body - really calm and talkative.

Unbelievable Oral (covered) and then fantastic sex.  If she was available in Newcastle i'd be skint.

I hope all of the above helps - happy to field any questions.

Offline Trelf

It sounds as though you were unfortunate that the day the girl was running late at Amour was a day when you had such a tight schedule when you mention on other reviews that you stayed quite a while over the time of your booking.
Interesting post though,thanks.
Banning reason: Touting agency, Trolling others who post negatives about that agency and slagging off UKPunting using different identity

Offline Uniformad

Great bit of feedback much appreciated

Offline Mansell

Great review, thanks. I'm less than a month in and luckily and mainly due to this forum's recomendations, not had a bad punt yet. Sorry, correction, only had GREAT punts  :yahoo: :yahoo:

Offline fatlun

Very good review, but from my experience in the last couple of years, I would prefer Diamond than Amour, to be honest both agency Did let me down before, but I tend to find Diamond a bit more organise, as they let the girls have 10-15 mins break between client, which is good for a few things, firstly the girl can have a quick wash, put their make up on etc... Secondly, it gives the punter time to leave or arrive. Also there is more choices  at diamonds.
With amour, they don't factor in any spare time in the girls working hour, on a couple of occasion, I arrive on time, but due to the delay of last punter, I have to wait outside, and as you can guess what May happen, you saw the last punter coming out, which I don't find comfortable with. Anyway I have saw Adriana,  Jenny, LOla and an Indian girl who have now retired before, and all Did offer very good gfe.  Also seen Sindy at killingworth, but got let down, she was rather a size 14 than size 10 mention in profile, oral was poor, and she thought all men will just cum by looking at her playing with her Hugh tits.
For diamonds, Lace, Bethany,  Ashley, Morgan, Lilac are my favourite.

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