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Author Topic: Greedy Girls party 3rd December  (Read 1199 times)

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Im writing this on my phone so I cant provide a link at the moment.

I have been interested in attending a gangbang for a while now but never had the opportunity ( aside from a visit to the private club last year but that wasn't particularly inspiring). I happened to be in Birmingham yesterday so I emailed Debbie for an invite.

The location itself is a large and suprisingly secluded house near the centre of Birmingham (I'm not local so thats the best that I can manage). There is a small fee( £60) to cover venue hire and refreshments.

There were 5 women in attendence.
Molly- a middle aged woman with dark hair and nice tits
Layla a tiny blonde woman I  her 30's
Debbie- a petite middle aged woman who also has nice tits
Chantelle (Sascha? Im terrible with names)  a pornstar with a body to match
Izzie- another middle aged woman with great tits (there was a bit of a pattern here) who arrived with her partner.

As this was my first party the pre action drink was inevitably uncomfortable despite the hosts efforts. I imagine this iscommon as one of the other newbies was thinking about leaving.

The format for the party is a bukkake, a 20 minute break and then a gangbang.
Once the bukkake started I quickly got into the swing of things and sampled the oral talents of Layla, debbie and Chantelle before I gave Layla a nice facial. Layla it has to be said gives an absolutely exceptional blow job.

After the break the action moved upstairs where I had the pleasure of all the girls finally popping on Chantelle's tits.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the company of some extremely sexy women and I will definitely be returning as often as I can manage. It is also phenomenal value for money, where else can you fuck 5 sexy women for £60?

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