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Author Topic: Horny Mistress  (Read 721 times)

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Saw this girl a week ago. I was feeling really horny, stuck in Croydon, wanted a black girl after work. None available and those that were were a little pricey and not worth the risk. So I spotted this girl in neighbouring Sutton for £100 - could be VFM, could be shit, but at least it wasn't £150. Anyway, a load of shit.

Reasonable flat in Sutton. Good comms with her handler who at first tried to convince me I was speaking to the girl herself (yeah right - voice on phone didn't match profile age, so either it was a handler or I was in for some B&S action with a granny).

Girl actually looks better in the flesh than in her photos. Latvian (although even if she was Romanian pretending to be Latvian, I wouldn't be able to tell). Had a shower - nice and powerful.

There end the positives, FFS.

Kissing, but only on the lips. OWO was rubbish - she barely took it in the mouth. I decided to opt for OW to see if that was better. No.

Attitude wasn't bad so much as non existent. She seemed bored. I thought "fuck this, let me blow then I'll go". So I let the OW go on for a few more minutes, then proceeded in mish. Usually I come pretty quickly once inside. This time, because I was bored myself thinking "fucking hell, £100 notes for the hour", I took ages so when i did pop, it was like having a wank for the sake of having a wank - nothing special. Didn't even want to go round 2. Had gone over 30 mins so didn't even try for a partial refund, although more experienced punters on here probably would have succeeded at this.

Had a shower then fucked off. That's it - only reviewed girls from now on and any potential TOFTTs are strictly 30 min appts at no more than £60. Which probably means I'll be sticking to reviewed girls and my regulars.

And in typing this, the fluffy part of me feels bad  :cry:. But then I think, £100 notes for an uninterested brass  :angry:. Fuck it. Negative.

1 review(s) found for HORNY_MISTRESS linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)


Thanks for the review - you did exactly what I would have done - Attitude and service go hand in hand so agreed about the Big Negative.

Again thanks for posting


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