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Author Topic: January break  (Read 782 times)

Offline iPad3

hello gents,

I'm planning on a few days in a Bristol hotel some time in January for a well earned break I've got my eye on little Katie for one night and possibly a visit to LMP for the other, question is where to stay I was originally thinking a well known small chain but am wondering wether a more anonymous hotel might be better and allow me a little more freedom so to speak.

Any suggestions or thoughts gratefully received and please feel free to pm me actual recommendations so as to keep it discreet.


IMO the chains, Travelodge, Holiday Inn Ibis et al., provide total anonymity when visiting whores. I've never been challenged by reception and go straight up to the room. They'll be offers aplenty during january too.

Happy hunting.

Offline Qwerty

But not sure how lucky you'll be in booking Little Katie - from the sound of it I'm not the only one who hasn't had any luck trying to book!

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