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I truly wish i didn't have to write a negative review. Not only that, it’s a negative report about one of the stars of Necastle. A working girl with a reputation for being reliable. It's not even about a visit. It's a review of a visit that didn't happen. This is how it went. On your (collective) advice, I booked a duo with Honey and Jade (from AW). I know from experience that, after about half an hour, I often don’t really feel like it anymore, so my plan was ½ an hour with Honey, and then Jade should join us to fan the flames for the finale so to speak. That was arranged a month in advance because, from this forum, I knew that bookings with Honey can be hard to come by. Comms were very friendly. A day in advance, I sent a text to confirm.

So, it came the time. Showered, shaved, best shirt, cleaned teeth, again, just to be sure, swallowed a viagra tab (you young blokes are laughing now, but I use it for ‘insurance’), and into the taxi. Feeling good. Got the driver to take me to the next street for discretion, and after a minute or two on foot, found myself in a residential street in Jesmond on a cold Newcastle night. I was 15 minutes early, but called anyway. The phone rang out. No answer. Okay. No big deal. I’m early. I sent a text to say that I was in the neighbourhood. 5 minutes out, I called again. This time the phone had been turned off. I guessed Honey must be busy, so waited until our agreed time. Rang again. Phone still off. Okay, now I’m worried. Phoned about 5 more times over the next 15 minutes, and sent a text. No answer! Last call attempt was 20 minutes after our agreed time, and I was starting to get really cold. So, there I was. A pocket full of cash in the middle of nowhere. What now?

I set off on foot back to the centre of town where I was staying. First problem, I had no idea which direction, but eventually found a sign that pointed me in the right direction. I was feeling quite crabby by this stage. See my review of antonia for part 2 of the evening.

I politely mailed Honey on AW to ask about what went wrong. My mail hasn’t been read and I still have no idea. My guess is that I got bumped for a regular client, and I could have understood that, but it would have made it less irritating if she'd picked up the phone and told me.

10 review(s) found for BlondeBabeHoney linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Toshiba

no need for being treated like that, shocking  :thumbsdown:

thanks for this

Are they still doing duos ? Both have removed any mention from their profiles

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