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Author Topic: I've Got Attitude...  (Read 1511 times)

Offline Jay-Jay

Welsh of course,what would you expect?


Online Corus Boy

Welsh of course,what would you expect?


She may be in Wales but I don't see where she says she's Welsh!

And what is wrong with being Welsh?   :thumbsup:


I'd bet Romanian and her favourite word is don't.

Well i can imagine her shouting at me: on your knees you dirty sod and lick my pusy NOW!!!  :wacko:

Offline Diehard

(S)he's lied on the profile already by stating Female!


Offline fly fifer

Look at the size of her/his hands.   :D


Fuck me, it looks like some photoshopped pat Jennings hands on her. :scare:

Offline CBPaul

Wondered what Russell Brand would look like without the beard.

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