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Author Topic: recommendations for Sunderland area  (Read 2246 times)

Im relatively new to punting and not got the best sexual experience record but can anyone give me a good escort or agency to contact within the Sunderland or north east area

Best off heading north to Newcastle, beter punts up there and more choice of agencies and wg

Offline b911

There's only a few profiles who caught my attention but I've had no replies from any yet. There's a Sunderland agency sweet elite companions but I've never got thru to them and their girls seem too good to be true therefore...

If I have any luck with anyone il post.

Offline portable

Check out Adultwork.com. I've noticed NaughtyNorthernEscorts have a Sunderland flat, but Newcastle is your best bet.

Offline jarrovian

Beckii 2 (aw Sunderland) is very decent

Offline ManInBlack

Beckii 2 (aw Sunderland) is very decent

What's she like facially and body?  Would you say generally attractive?

Offline jarrovian

Quite attractive, nice body 10-12

Ive had a look at her AW profile and looks quite promising to be honest so ive put her on my HL for now thanks for the recommendation :thumbsup:

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