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Author Topic: Hot and Horny in Birmingham  (Read 1563 times)

Offline shaw1

Anyone any useful comments to say about this lady ?


Offline Stapler

Useful info. She is 7 minutes from Erdington

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Offline Juankerr

Anyone any useful comments to say about this lady ?

I Met her on a couple of occasion's in 2011 and enjoyed both visit's.

Discreet area with plenty of place's to park, no train station's nearby though and a short walk from the local bus route's.

Accurate photo's, I would describe her as a classic pocket rocket with lovely curve's and a great pair of boob's.

A very nice friendly woman and a willing service including OWO & CIM, good FK, fingering.

She is very much into webcamming and building website's for herself, if you have a look around I'm sure you will find one.

Offline shaw1

Anyone got any more comments ?
I thought there would be more than posted already.

Online Talbear

She looks neither

Happy to help :hi:

She advertises on vivastreet as Honey, using same pictures.

In my experience, poor customer service. Have called her a number of times after reading her advert which has clearly stated 24/7 availability only to be told she's not working. I haven't even called that late, sometimes in fact as early as 9.

The only reason I do call every so often is to see if she changes her mind and does work and frankly because despite what I have said I still think she's fit.

Offline shaw1

Thanks wuddyrarted.

That's just the sort of comment I was looking for.
Much the same response I am getting - thought it was me !

I'll try again - and keep you informed.

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