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Author Topic: Ambulance Please  (Read 789 times)

Offline Gene Hunt

What have i gone and done?

Trying to book another meet with Adele just before Xmas and my 1st meet with Cindy in Mid January, thats if my email suggestion/wishlist doesn't scare her off or make her laugh too much  :dance:

 I'm gonna have a heart attack  :wacko:

Was considering a duo with them but would 2 hours be enough and stretching to 3 hours would hurt £££

Also wary of booking a duo with a girl i've not met before.

Bugger, why did i revist this life and UKP  :dash: :drinks:

Offline LL

If the purpose of the thread was to brag (not really sure what else it was created for) then you'll have to try harder than that as one a month isn't really punting that much compared to many, many folks here.

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