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Author Topic: This evening for Edinburgh (near to Weaverly station)  (Read 1125 times)

Hi guys,

I'm in Edinburgh at the moment and was thinking of no punting today and thought of exploring the city but changed my mind as nice opportunity without wife :D

Please make some suggestions. I would prefer for 30-45 mins but should be reasonable and good.

I'm not sure how comfortable is the sauna thing as have never been there before. Please make suggestions Asaph as I'm free in the evening and would want to have fun

Thanks in advance

Offline sammy222

Blair St Sauna, New Town Sauna(Hart St) and London St Sauna all within 10 minutes walk of Waverley
All will have between 6 and 9 girls on, and close about 10pm, and all will offer 30 or 45 mins for about £60 to £85 respectively
No idea who's on tonight but these 3 are best options in town for saunas.

Offline leffub

Cannot go wrong with Sweet n Petite, she is near Waverley and working today. You will not regret it.
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Offline Marmalade

You're unlikely to get a last minute appointment with sweet n petite though. The saunas are a much easier option if you only have so much time for a sure thing.

Thanks guys FOR THE WONDERFUL SUGGESTIONS and I hades wonderful time at Blair street sauna and it was amazing time with Heidi . . . And also fixed an appointment for outlook I my hotel room as well with Jessica


Hope it will be good night tonight  :yahoo:

Offline JazzMan

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Sorry it was all typo coz of this fucking dictionary. I meant to say that I had a great time with Heidi at Blair street and meeting Jessica at 1am tonight and I just can't control myself after seeing her.

Even have a conference to attend in the morning but all worth it  :yahoo:

Offline JazzMan

Sorry. I didn't quite catch what you said.

How about "We've been Done Up Like a Kipper"

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