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Author Topic: sunset club birmingham  (Read 1307 times)

So another lap dancing club has opened In Birmingham....but what intrigues me here are the over inflated vip dance prices

http://www.thesunsetclub.co.uk/information . hamlet

Do you think they are offering "extras" here??

Offline ziubziauk

I'm not sure this is a new club. I think its the old 'johnny diamonds pink flamingo' always loved that name very sopranos. Can't say i ever went, I know some of the girls at various clubs offer extras but to be honest i'd rather just find a wg who can lapdance. would probably work out cheaper and guaranteed action ;)
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Offline Min_g79

same club, same owners as Johnny Diamond's but just the name change. Extras were offered at this place a few years back at something like £170  :angry:

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