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Author Topic: lush milf lucy  (Read 2055 times)

Offline Vinblanc

Hi guys - can anyone offer a recommendation on this lass?  https://www.adultwork.com/2442744

Online Corus Boy

Looks nice and good value, please report back. :D

Offline Cheeseman

Ive seen her. She was very willing and happily did anal.
The only negative was that I didn't find her particularly attractive.
Others may think she is ok though.
I think she is older than 39 imo.
Also she didn't do cof which I think is advertised on her profile.


How old would you guess? Can normally add 5 or 6 years when they say 39 or 49. Am interested in seeing her, especially if she enjoys A levels. Will report back

Offline Cheeseman

If you want anal, she is the one to see as she loves it.
I would suspect that she is mid to late 40s.


 Cheers, will try and see her next week.


Rang Lush Milf to arrange a meeting for next week, and she is only doing outcalls at the moment, shame. Any other recommendations for 40plus slim and like anal?


Offline Cheeseman

Casey Love isnt in her 40s but she likes anal. You could try her

Offline SirFrank

Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Offline ruffrider

I with you on this one, you could probably pick up one like her in your local pub so why pay for it?

Offline aardvark

As she is apparently an anal afficionado, presumably her ring piece is in a similar condition!

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