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Author Topic: Anyone know what happened to Yasmin from Nottingham?  (Read 463 times)

Offline asslover

new to here and came accidentally stumbled across this :thumbsdown: does anyone know what happened to the lovely yasmin from nottingham?
mixed race lass, around early 30s
i have looked everwhere to see if shes working and cant find anything, used to have a really good time with her, i used to see her when she worked from  dani golds flat

any info would be great

I saw her a few times as well in Nottingham though , would also be interested in knowing what happened to her. Probably in a relationship as an attractive lady.

Offline asslover

she just vanished after she left danis flat, she was extremely goodlooking, i did have her personal number at one stage, this is going back around may last year

Offline Pogo

She was on my hotlist for many a year but I never got around to her..
Can't really blame a WG for 'disappearing' when they have had enough, though it might be an idea to tell the local board administrator so no punter makes a nuisance of himself trying to find her?

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