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Author Topic: how can you tell if the "not a sexual service" is bullshit ???  (Read 2081 times)


ive seen this girl advertise on gumtree and say "no sexual service" but seeing her on viva these pics suggest otherwise.. has anyone seen her??

whats she like? services? her place? im kinda new to this site... any advice would be great coz at the mo im --------> :dash:

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Offline Mr blue

my take on things is most on gumtree will state no sexual services i think this is something that gumtree either advise or request , on vivastreet they are a bit more open about it . usually if you ring them and ask they will say no if they dont offer he , if they say come along and make a booking it usually means its on offer . most dont like saying it over the phone and i usually just ask once in i get there and if they dont offer it then either leave or just have a massage .

Offline portable

Yup, it's something they have to put on the advert regardless.

One phrase that would be better to use would be"as per gumtrees rules, I must state that this is not a sexual service", or something similar, kind of alluding that they only including it as a technicality. I think I've only ever seen one ad with that though.

Offline jarrovian

I think it ads to the excitement not knowing, as long as I get a decent massage. Tanya in Whitley bay for example gives a great massage and brushes her fingers across your halls so sexily that I thought he would definitely be on offer. Sadly not, although I believe she used to. I still go back from time to time just for a decent massage and the hope that one day she will grab my sick and give it a tug.

Offline Mr blue

i agree it can be exciting not knowing if youre going to get hr or not , but to be honest my time is limited and id rather know if its on the cards or not , hence why i stick to one or two who i know do the business

i must admit all my past experiences with WG,S have been abroad after a few beers, in marbella places like estark92 where they have 20/25 stunning  looking russian/south American girls wandering around a big bar/lobby so you can take your pick, however im spending more time back home now and the urge for a punt is growing, ive started with a massage/happy ending at Amys chester le street (good massage) now just looking through AW/viva for a proper punt, just worried i,ll get some old dinner lady who has no interest and will just lay there like a sack of spuds... although i must admit the unknown is kinda perking my interest... anyone recommend a good first time punt..? :unknown:

p.s cheers Blue sound advice

Offline Lsf

For a first time punt go with a high rated agency girl. They're £50 30mins and plenty good ones. Just check who's working against reviews on here!

So, has anyone seen Tanya?  She does look stunning but £70 is quite a lot for 1 hour. Don't you agree?

1 review(s) found for THAI HOT OIL MASSAGE linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks, been a long day lol.  Looks stunning!

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