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Author Topic: 2014 punting review of the year  (Read 710 times)

Having just noticed that my last reviews were all negative, I thought that I would revisit my experiences reviewed on UKP to see if I have been too hard or expecting too much... the 20 reviews have not included revisits or regular arrangements:

Positive   = 7
Neutral    = 4
Negative  = 9

The positives were excellent and enjoyable so their rating was fair, the neutrals on the whole were disappointments and, apart for one, I would stick by the -ve.

Learned a lot over the 12 months mostly from this forum and the use of googlesearch was well worth it.. learned not to take too much on face value from AW... ;)

Offline Rock123

After finding this forum this year it gave me a lot of new knowledge and of course the reviews helped a lot.

I would give my punting year a 6/10. Elise was my favourite of the year (check my 2 reviews of her). I tended to dodge the Romanians this year and as a result I haven't had as many punts as in 2013 when I did indulge.

Bethany/Lucylips gave the best oral so she is ranked 2nd.

One or two weren't great but weren't bad either. But I look forward to 2015!

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