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Offline Trevor12


Her profile says that she is back 7th December, so think this would be a good time to post my experience.

She looks nothing like her current photos. The only photo she had up that looked like her has been removed. Her dress size is not size 8 as stated, I'm no expert, but I would have guessed size 14ish. Her English is quite limited. The girl who answers the phone and arranges the booking is not the girl you will meet. FK of any variety was not on offer. And Radio 1 was the backgound music.

At the time, I paid £90 for the hour. This has now gone up to £100 ph. I wish I'd walked after seeing her or even reduced to half hour instead.

She did seem like a lovely girl though and the location is a very nice clean flat. Facially, those pictures could be her in the past and photoshopped.

She would be the perfect punt for lots of guys, just not the guys that would be attracted to her photos and looking foward to a size 8-10 stunner.

2 review(s) found for Missjosephineuk linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline James999

In some of her photos she looks more like 40 years old as opposed to her profile age of 21  :thumbsdown:

Offline Dodo

Agree with that J and with Trevors review, this was my experience:-

Made a visit to Miss J for an hours meet.


Apartment-clean, tidy and well located off Broad Steet, great shower

Miss J-a very sweet attractive girl who I would think is in her early 20's. Lovely pair of jugs a good D+ IMHO.
She says on AW she is a size 8!!! Never in the world of pigs puddin. If she's an 8 then I've got a 12 inch cock. I would put her at a 12.......nice and cuddly if you like but not a trim girl.
Her English is ok but a flowing conversation is difficult.
Not a clock watcher.

The Meeting-i enjoyed it although those who want something out of the GFE would be dissapointed.

Don't think I would visit again as I know other girls who give me more bang for my buck but in conclusion a lovely girl.
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Offline johnnyboy61

Well Aspley, I guess she must be a size 8, because your knee joint replacement x-ray picture would suggest that you do indeed have a 12 incher (or more!).
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