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Author Topic: Horny Asian Rose - post op TS being economical with the truth  (Read 2656 times)

Offline mikeiam

she always hangs around queensway market ...looks hot in real life, pics dont do justice  :angelgirl:

I'm sure she does look hot in real life, in fact she was on my hotlist for a few weeks while she toured the UK. Had I not been vigilant and done some pre-punt checking I'd probably be taking the shower right this minute. I'm sure there's a market for post-op TS but it's unfair to mislead like that.

One day I may get caught out, today is not that day.

Offline Sunny

Jesus Christ can't she be sued??

Offline slimjimmm

Think the excuse would be something along the lines of how gender is a subjective concept that can be interpreted differently by each individual. Not trying to justify deception... but not sure how you could hold someone to their M or F tag.

Offline mikeiam

I'm not bi or anything but ...YOLO!

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