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Author Topic: Very_Hot (On Tour!!)  (Read 791 times)

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I did think carefully about this before I went for "NEGATIVE"...
https://www.adultwork.com/1973947 or https://www.adultwork.com/Very%5FHot
This is not Cindy but her friend Karoline who has taken over the profile.

In Stevenage with spare time decided I needed a punt, could not get answer or no number on three from HL - so Plan B onto AW.
I am a sucker for stockings, sexy lingerie and blond hair and was attracted by the profile photo of Karoline. Polish, 45 and looking pretty neat. A phone call, answered with a pleasant voice and yes she could see me at a hotel in town centre - call 30 mins before to confirm(??). Called as instructed then told to call when at hotel - this I did to be told call from 1st floor and she would meet me... This I thought was different and kind of interesting! What can I say, I was expecting a neatly dressed mature woman to increase the mood.... What I saw was an image of my mother - not at all sexy! EE looking woman, late 40s wearing a knitted jumper and jogging bottoms with hair in a pony tail.... Ah well!!

In the room after pleasantries, cuddle and pecking kiss she had me undressed and on the bed. Gentle stroking brought on Oooos & Ahhhs but no FK (just tight lipped pecks). She was quite responsive with RO but when my designer kegs were removed she just lay there admiring and stoking the little fella ("Oh, you are large"...!) but no oral. With a little more stroking(on both sides) she was really ready for the overcoat... unfortunately she was quite loose and little sensation in any position, she went down for oral but covered... so RH happy ending and a feeling of a wasted hour and £100.

Disappointments... her figure (probably 12 ish) was way past its best, not as slim, trim or sexy as the profile photos. Blonde hair was only short shoulder length, no FK and no Uncovered Oral... and the hassle with the phone calls [4??].

I saw her yesterday afternoon in Stevenage and by this morning was advertising herself in Bradford.... so travels quickly.

1 review(s) found for Very_Hot linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline 8a8ylon

Guess that's why her dildo never leaves her side if she can't make the effort for you

Guess that's why her dildo never leaves her side if she can't make the effort for you
         ..... and it probably rattles arouind a little!   :D

Hey I know this is a late reply but I saw Cindy or Very Hot Cindy in Stevenage sometime last year.  It was the same story you shared really.  But to be fair I knew before I met her she wouldnt be the lady in the pics (at least those pics she had up were at least 20 years old).  She was a pretty good lay though, orgasmed several times to a good long rythm of doggy.

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