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Author Topic: Sandrien, Fratton  (Read 356 times)

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So having identified this profile as worthy of consideration, and having exchanged half a dozen messages, I felt it seemed like it'd be worth a punt.  After all, that's what we do, right?

Texted around noon, and got an immediate response.  Be ready in 10 mins.  Took me 30 mins to get there.  Well-known street in Fratton.  Easy parking.  After a brief memory fail (I knocked on the door of an octogenarian Irish lady), I was admitted to a generic Portsmouth terrace.

The woman who met me was dressed in a figure-hugging white frock.  Her body was lovely, although I wasn't entirely convinced by her chest, and her face belied an age much closer to the high 20s than the low.

She asked me how long I wanted to stay.  I wasn't entirely convinced this was the girl I wanted, and asked if anyone else worked here.  Yes, she said, her friend also works here and shares her profile.  The woman before me was by no means unattractive, and as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I could see she had really gorgeous legs and arse and a tiny waist.  I figured I could bang this for 15 mins, so handed over 40 quid.

We spent the first few minutes her undressing me, before she turned her attention to my cock.  Nice teasing hand technique, but OWO was uninspiring.  I had a fairly decent hardon after a while, and she covered me, but then I  was interrupted by... a bloody text message.  She stopped to answer it(!!) and I retreated to a semi.  Unimpressed.  She then attempted to ram my semi into her (lubricated) cunt, but that was never going to work.  I also caught some not entirely fresh whiffs, which, given it was only lunchtime, wasn't encouraging.  I suggested she return to OWO.  Still uninspiring, so I asked her to just stand nearby and pose for me.  She really does have amazing legs and a fantastic arse.  Breasts are a good 32B/C, so much too much to interest me, but in good nick.  I took percy in hand and spanked one off as she pleasured herself.

In all... unlikely to return, and £40 for a wank isn't great value, but she was a pretty attractive woman, and was keen to please me.  She says her friend (who was working at the time) is smaller in all dimensions, so for a quick fuck and dump it might be an option.

Overall... not a negative, but not a positive: neutral.

Offline nigel4498

You took one for the team mate.
Sounds more like a negative to me though.

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