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Author Topic: Creampie Slut Kirie - Nottingam  (Read 4333 times)

Offline Ipunter


I wish it was more protected rather than BB. She bans the use of condoms which is a real shame. Any one seen her? She says she gets tested every Thursday. I'll certainly not book her but very interested what she is like. There's a lot of references to her on here but no review.

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Offline Owwhatanight

There was a negative review in 2013
But she's BB in all holes ...yak

Judging by the amount of guys who fuck her BB, would you really want to leave it to chance? A great many UKP members have too much to lose, myself included, if they contracted a nastiness.

Offline Ipunter

I don't understand how someone can blantenly laugh at STIs. I beleilve health is rather important in day to day life!

Offline CoolTiger

She's been heavily discussed on numerous forums over the years, primarily about her BB antics.

I have stored her in my HL (under BB Providers). 5~6 years Peterborough was a regular stop on her tour. I stopped looking at her profile years ago, as did not have a death wish.

Offline Redster69

Christ I'd need a full body suit to go near that......then she'd have to pay me - revolting creature.

Offline Taggart

A lot of this condoms make me droop, so I prefer BB is utter bollocks. If you droop, then you just aint up for it. Take the tablets  :lol:

I also fail to understand why a normal rational male would pay £190 to shag a cream pie slut - a not particularly attractive one at that - when for two thirds of that fee, there is so much better available that's younger and prettier. And no STI risk.

Is she some kind of trophy punt, or what?

The face just puts me off to start with, who in there right mind would go with somebody who mostly is like the walking clap, just puzzles me, why risk it unless your unclear yourself,  :dash:  :scare: :bomb:

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