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Author Topic: 3some with Hot Ameera & Wet Ginger - Euston London NW1  (Read 2674 times)

77 review(s) for Hot Ameera (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
12 review(s) for WET GINGER (9 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Had a 3some session with these 2 excellent AW girls - My thanks goes to Mr Eastend69er who did a review for this 3some 6 months ago - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=31570.0

Both girls have been reviewed extensively here on UKP over recent months and no different to my session with them in recently.

https://www.adultwork.com/2104041 or https://www.adultwork.com/WET+GINGER
https://www.adultwork.com/1906769 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot+Ameera

Spoke to Ameera about her friend wet Ginger a few weeks ago when I had a 1-2-1 with Ameera and she suggested a mild - very mild DOM session with her and her sub girl Wet Ginger. I was very interested as I have never done anything like this before and though Why Not - something different and it may be fun with these 2 girls -

Had to wait a few weeks for the confirmation as Ameera had to make sure that WG was available on the days I suggested for the 3some to happen and also she had a few surprises for me when the date was booked in the diary.

A few days before the meet Ameera sent me a email to suggest a few different role plays - 1st being that I am cuffed and spread eagle on the bed with hands and feet buckled up so they could tease me - Not a chance I said but Ameera was very persuasive and I finally agreed to the 1st role play - The 2nd was that while Ameera was FCKing WG with the strap on dildo  WG had my dick in her mouth while me and Ameera was DFK - The rest we decided to play along and see what happens.

Got to the ground floor flat as previous reviews had said location and details etc and was asked to follow Ameera into the room - had a quick shower and entered the bedroom - the straps were already in place and both girls looked gorgeous - HA in a leather body corsett with blur bra and knickers black stockings and high heels - wet Ginger was in heels, stocking and see through top that was barely holding her tits.

They actually then cuffed me to the bed - I thought it was going to be some loose rope but it was proper buckles and cuffs where you could not get out.

Both girls then started to slowly DFK each other and then started to play and slowly wank each other over my body but I could only watch and stare - this went on for another 5 mins before they started to 69 each other and finger each other very slowly over the side of my face which was only a few inches from my tongue - Really could not hold out much longer and pleaded with them to let me out of the cuffs - Not Yet was the reply from Ameera - She then got her strap on and we went into role play 1- She started to fck WG doggie with the strap on while I watched still cuffed - after a couple of minutes of slow doggie fck I was let loose and allowed to start kissing each girl as HA was still using the strap on doggie style with WG - My mild DOM lasted approx 15 mins!!!

WG then started to BJ me while HA was still fcking her with the strap on and I was kissing Ameera - great porno picture I thought!!

HA stopped the doggie and then started to FCK WG mish style while I sat on WG face as she started to rim me for a good few minutes. Mac on for my 1st FCK with WG doggie style while she licked HA and fingered her pussy. Both girls had told me that they wanted to do a cum swop so I did not hesitate and had my 1st pop in WG mouth and she dribbled this onto Ameera while they deep french kissed each other - I was in heaven - Great 1st pop and we had gone nearly 35/40 mins - Had some recovery time with some Vodka - Both girls had recently been to a friends wedding in Poland and had come back with a few bottles.

After 10-15 mins HA started to slowly start to DTBJ me while WG started to kiss me all over - Then without any warning HA started to slap WG saying that her kissing is not up to the required standard and to be more passionate in kissing me all over - This was perhaps the Sub bit with WG coming into play - HA then told WG to start sucking me as she stated to slap WG arse which become red after the 5/6 slaps. This was getting very interesting as never seen this before but it seemed that WG actually liked being the sub with HA telling her what to do and if she did not do it correctly she would give WG a slap on the arse - HA then started to rim me and ordered WG to keep sucking me off - So here I am in the middle of the bed where WG is sucking me and bent over her while HA is rimming me at the same time - It really felt very nice, positions switch over and then I had the girls DFK each other while i fingered both girls - More positions more slapping, more kissing and hands and fingers all over the place until I came onto the great tits of Ameera where she ordered WG to lick all my cum off her tits - Excellent picture in my mind to finish -

A great 3some with some of the best interaction I have seen with 2 girls - up there with the 'Blondies' from Wembley and the recent 3somes with PC & Adele & PC with Michelle Indi

The main difference with this 3some session was that both girls really did get involved and I later found out that sometimes when these 2 girls get together they will have a few drinks and actually have sex with each other in between watching TV!!!
Both girls really work and play very well and get on with each other and because of this the 3some turned into 1 of my highlights of the year.

I only wish I had a film crew to do the filming as it was be a best seller on AW PG !!!

Last big positive point was that I actually forgot along with the girls the time and we went over by 20-25 mins so def no clock watchers!!

100% recommend - This is a totally new type of 3some that will be in your memory for a very long time - 1 word EXCELLENT POSITIVE

 :hi:  :D


12 review(s) found for WET GINGER linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)
77 review(s) found for Hot Ameera linked to in above post (76 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

You lucky bastard!

It's good to see you still pushing the punting boundaries.

I always fancied a session with WG after reading about her sub games! Seeing both girls sounds great!

How much did they charge you?


EXCELLENT POSITIVE is two words!  :crazy:
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''EXCELLENT POSITIVE is two words! ''

Yes Sorry It was 2am when i wrote the review so still a bit jaded since the session 6 hours ago!!

Did they enjoy their trip to Holland?

I'd definitely look at a duo with these girls and explore WG's sub side.

Top review BTW! It's putting naughty ideas into my head!


Offline Vivago

Fucking amazing, mate.  I've enjoyed both girls separately but together they must be epic.  I'm envious.  Did they charge extra for the lezzie show?

Had WG been at the wacky backy when you saw her?  I suspect she had when I saw her if her general spaced out demeanor and dreamy eyes were any indication. :crazy:  No matter as I think it probably improved her performance which was pretty stellar.

Offline Clooney

Brilliant review.

I'm very much a dom partner and have been looking at Wet Ginger for a whole but been put off by her apparently doing outcalls only.

However I see in other reviews he did do incalls. Can anyone clarify the situation with that, because I'm seriously considering a Dom/sub session with her in future.

Brilliant review.

I'm very much a dom partner and have been looking at Wet Ginger for a whole but been put off by her apparently doing outcalls only.

However I see in other reviews he did do incalls. Can anyone clarify the situation with that, because I'm seriously considering a Dom/sub session with her in future.

Ameera told me that WG shares a house with civvies now so that's why she does not do incalls anymore. Maybe she sneaked the odd one in though if she had the place to herself for a while!

Offline fredpunter

So she finally got round to sending the email! Good to hear you had a good time. She suggested a threesome with wg to me when I saw her last week ..... I have criticised gingers reliability in the past but if the worst that could happen if she failed to show was that you were left having to make do with just ameera I think i could tolerate that, so I'm thinking about it.

Are you being a little coy about the price?

Offline akauya

Great review password, thanks. I'm not into DOM either but that sounded like a good mild introduction to it.


Sometimes not the fuckfest originally envisaged.  By trying to give each girl adequate attention I've found 3somes to be chaotic hit and miss affairs.  There seem to be an art to them - still, I do love them. Great review Password

Offline herbie007

Great review PW, there’s a lot of helpful info in it.

I've got a duo session lined up for next week which I'm looking forward to.

Glad you enjoyed.  :drinks:

Online king tarzan

best 3some ever would be emily creme brulee and stacy summer together full on lesbian....
thinking of that my banana stays stiff for ages!! probably mash up if it saw it in real life in the first 10 seconds through sheer excitement..
at least i have had them individually, better than a big fat 0!!

Fucking awesome. And it has prompted me to immediately drop Ameera an email to see if I can have the 3some experience with Wet Ginger next week. Bring it on!

I did film it and it the most fondly watched video by me of all time.
Also know that we 3 are the only ones to have it as well.

Hot Ameera doesn't allow filming, she trusts me and allowed it. For that I will always be grateful to her.

I only wish I had a film crew to do the filming as it was be a best seller on AW PG !!!

100% recommend - This is a totally new type of 3some that will be in your memory for a verys long time - 1 word EXCELLENT POSITIVE


Sorry just got back on the laptop after a hard days work at the office -

Thanks for the replies - Sorry cost was £120 for HA & £150 for  WG although I did not do all the DOM stuff - Just the tie up and a few mild stuff just to taste what it was like - Total was £270 but IMO very much worth it with the 2 girls very rampant sexy hot 3some - the slapping arse was new to me and HA did leave a few red marks on WG arse - BUT WG just wanted more slaps and gave as good with a few slaps to HA

The full on strap on was also a 1st for me and WG wanted more and more as HA was slapping her arse - I think because I did not go too mush with the DOM session the girls gave me some extra time for some usual GFE/PSE for my 2nd pop -

Perhaps 20-25 mins which did make a change from some of the AW clock watcher girls. If you add the extra 10 shower time, I must have been there at least 90 minutes in total.

Great girls and full on 3some really reminded my of the 'Blondies' very much full on with extra twist with the strap on doggie sex as well as the full on DOM session while it lasted -

Also tried a bit of prostrate massage (For a complete 2 seconds) before I said NO in a very very high pitched voice!!

I am now getting to understand my boundaries and may push to another level with the next 3some session!!!


Offline fredpunter

Good man! Cheers for the replies. Sounds like I have my first new year resolution.

Ameera is a naughty girl who's kinks have yet to be explored in depth by me!

I think a WG and her duo is going to be extremely popular on here!  :crazy:

Do forget I am ahead of the queue Missus!  :wacko:


Offline sanjames

maddness, mate can you describe where ameera location is, and give me her adress cheers
Banning reason: Posting nonsense

maddness, mate can you describe where ameera location is, and give me her adress cheers

So - you only joined today and EVERY SINGLE post you have written is asking for the address of a WG who clearly works with another girl.

You seem like vice squad or something to me. Are you looking for places to bust?

Dodgy as . . . don't you think we haven't seen this all before?

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