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Author Topic: Emilys Creme Brulee - Absolutely Fantastic!  (Read 1496 times)

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Offline scarebear

https://www.adultwork.com/2368387 or https://www.adultwork.com/Emily%27s+Creme+brulee

After much waiting (why ill never know), I had my first (and not my last that's for sure) meeting with Emily tonight.

A lot of this is gonna match what other members have said but it has to be repeated as this girl is just pure class.

Communications were excellent, made initial contact a week prior to the booking on email and at that time I requested what I would like to do during my time and replies were always made within 24 hours. 2 day before, I confirmed our meeting and Emily replied back with a very friendly text. Due to the usual London rush hour I was a few mins late but phoned Emily to tell her and she happily said no problem at all.

I wont go into the details of the place, just to say its very easy to get to from Aldgate East Station.

Emily had the door open for me and greeted me with a cheeky smile and lashings of hugs and kisses and I just knew from then on, this was going to be something special. We had a quick chat to get to know each other and found out straight away that we had not only a passion for Horses (nothing sexual here!!!) but scary movies as well. She was quick to prove she wasn't winding me up by showing me a picture of her with her horse back home in Poland so I know that everything was on the level. Things couldn't get better, could they?

She offered me a drink and said would you like to join me in the bath and what happened in the next 20 mins was just bliss. As she stripped off her outfit to some sexy dance music, I saw this vision of loveliness in front of me. Her pictures really do not do her justice, she is so much more gorgeous in the flesh, Wonderful Boobs, just the right size, pert nipples, a few tattoos but they just seem to make her look even more sexy. As we soaped each other in the bath her gyrating body moves all over you and her gorgeous bum moves in motion with you. Fantastic.

When we got out she told me she wanted me to see her dance moves and then preceded to give me a very sexy lapdance. After which she told me to lay down and then she took my big guy in her mouth and her OWO is just wonderful. I had to have her there and then and we followed up with her cowgirl which she gets into some great positions with. All the time this is happening she has that sexy cheeky glint in her eyes and keeps winking at me telling me to keep on. I couldn't hold on much longer and as I shot my load she wanted it all over her boobs and leapt out a cry as I came. Surely this should have been me!

Anyway, time just flew by, but Emily didn't care. "Now Im gonna massage you she said" as she came in changed with a naughty nightie on and her sexy glasses. The nightie didn't stay on for too long and I felt her boobs massaging my back as well.

After the massage, we laid in each others arms, chatting and laughing for another 5 mins. By this time I had overrun by 35 mins, but it made no difference to Emily.

In conclusion, I have to say that Emily is the absolute package. Stunningly beautiful, gorgeous body and great personality. She reminded me a little of a younger Jennifer Aniston facially which just adds to the enjoyment. She suggested to me in the new year that we have a day together horse racing, and I have promised to take her to see my horse as well. How lucky is that.

Cant wait to see her again. She is going home for 2 weeks over Christmas so get your bookings in quick guys.

35 review(s) found for Emily's Creme brulee linked to in above post (34 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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