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Author Topic: Happy endings edinburgh  (Read 1712 times)

Offline CoolJay

I have seen the odd thread about this topic before i signed up but was hoping for more and updated information.

Looking for massage and happy ending in edinburgh city center and was hoping to pay around £30 all included.

Anywhere available that would be an interest to me

Thanks ppl

Happy punting!!

Try gumtree ads for an old time machine and set it for 80's

Offline loser

They do pop up on the online classifieds gumtree etc posing as legit for this sort of price, although in this range you are guaranteed someone fat and middle aged, with no photo to warn you. I last had one of these cheap encounters about three years ago, fat Russian who turned away as she did the ending, don't have a link. I hope you are not allergic to cats. 

Offline auldie63

Can't see why it wouldn't be genuine, who the fuck would use such a photo of a pig to con people.

Offline Marmalade

you could always try salamander street  :D  :D  :D

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