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Author Topic: anything can happen in the next half hour !!!  (Read 586 times)

Offline riskytimes

This actually happened to me .......Surbiton Surrey late 90's took a punt incall and was met by the maid who showed me in to the room shortly after was met by a very slim pretty blond girl. lots of fantastic pre fuck action . then taking her doggy i got down to the business suddenly heavy banging on the door with unusual sound coming from the hallway ??? are we being busted ? pimp coming for money ? angry punter ? no it was the maid she bursts in holding her throat and choking .... shes got a lump of beef in her wind pipe and shes going blue what the fuck me thinks ,one because the maid is now looking at me stuffing the bird and two if she croaks the old bill will be asking qustions etc . fastest ever reaction from myself i grab hold of the maid fully naked and do the heinrick manouvre or so its called a few times and hey presto the beef goes flying across the hallway !! job done maid cant thank me enough and i return to try and get a hard on to finish off the girl !!!   imagine the scene , it looks like im doggying the maid with the WG watching.

driving home i laughed all the way until i thought about what could have happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did i get a free punt next time ? did i fuck hey ho ! 

Offline nigel4498

Instead of the Heinrich manoeuvre you could have deep throated her and shot your load down her gullet to clear the obstruction.

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