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Author Topic: Mara_UK, Derby.  (Read 2152 times)

8 review(s) for _Mara_ (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Mara is the wg I have probably seen the most during 2014. Considering I live in London that's a testament to her that I keep making repeat visits. A lot of the visits have been because of work opportunities taking me to the East Midlands but after we first met over a year ago she has become my first port of call in the region.

I last saw her a couple of weeks ago. She works from a nice house in Derby which she takes great pride in maintaining, the sort of place that doesn't feel like your usual wg place. A comfortable bed with fresh linen, a spacious bathroom in which it's a pleasure to shower in. Car parking is available off street all day.

Mara herself is a gorgeous beautiful woman. Yes she is a mature lady in her 40s according to her profile, yet she has a super slim - and not stick thin, just right - body that most girls in their 20s would be proud of. She has a nice pair of breasts, long legs, and an attractive face topped off with long dark hair. It's a cliche, but the photos on her profile don't really convey how good Mara looks in the flesh.

Being an older gent myself, I am just after a nice vanilla service. Mara is one heck of a passionate lady, who provides some of the deepest kissing I have had, she really does not hold back. She gets wet very quickly, and is happy to receive oral and fingers. Her oral skills are off the scale, OWO, lovely ball licking and CIM are all provided with passion and enthusiasm that you rarely see nowadays. She is happy to fuck in many positions, and because of her lovely athletic body she is quite flexible!

I usually book Mara for an hour, but each appointment usually goes way past this. A lot of the time in between sex we just sip drinks and chat about our lives, but Mara always makes sure that it doesn't eat into our time. As long as you treat her with respect and kindness, she will repay you back with a service that is as close to a real GFE as you could hope for. £100 for an hour, no extras, with a passionate sexy woman who possibly loves sex more than you do! And she really is Austrian.

Mara - she's one in a million!

8 review(s) found for _Mara_ linked to in above post (8 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Ipunter

Not just me then, I have a flat in London and in Nottinghamshire, work in London but I always see the girls in the East Midlands rather than London, I sometimes come up just for a punt.

I'd like to see Mara but I'm 28 so I gotta wait a few years to get the chance, do you think if I messaged her explained I prefer more mature WG do you think she'd accept?

Not just me then, I have a flat in London and in Nottinghamshire, work in London but I always see the girls in the East Midlands rather than London, I sometimes come up just for a punt.

I'd like to see Mara but I'm 28 so I gotta wait a few years to get the chance, do you think if I messaged her explained I prefer more mature WG do you think she'd accept?
All you can do is send her a message on AW and see what comes back? Her profile states the age criteria so you can assume that it's there for a reason.

It's funny but I have seen guys bemoaning the lack of decent girls in the East Midlands yet the only girls who I have seen in the area are Mara and Holly Golightly who both provide incredible service at a reasonable price. For someone like me who is just after a nice vanilla session both of these girls perfectly fit the bill. In a lot of ways I am pleased these 2 girls are not based nearer to me otherwise I think I would end up bankrupt very quickly!


Good review. I'll be looking to book Mara quite soon I think.

Offline twiglet

I can confirm Mara is very good and great value for money.

Had a brilliant time each time I've been.

Offline dancer44

I saw Mara just before Christmas and that was because this review was so positive and a number of people have gone back to her a second or third time.
I was really glad I went ahead...Mara is a bit of a find, especially if, like me, you think attitude counts for more than anything - and I don't mean to seem cool about Mara's looks (which are great - a sexy, mature woman with a body I could stroke for hours) or her skills (as I say, a sexy woman) but they are things that  mean nothing if you don't have an enthusiastic, friendly and understanding  girl  delivering them - and she is.
Other reviews have mentioned the view of Mara going up the stairs to her bedroom...something that will stay with me for a while. She wore exactly what I had asked her to (her communication is excellent) and the hour I spent with her covered everything I had asked her to. She is no clock watcher, in fact I was the one conscious of time (I had an after lunch appointment - Mara was lunch and the taste of her was worth every penny!) and I will certainly be going back.
So thanks for the original review, I might have missed her without it!

Offline johnnyboy61

I visited Mara early in December and agree with Dancer. In fact, given the reviews on here, I had a picture in my mind of someone who was facially much younger than her years, but although Mara does look her age, she has the body of a much younger woman.  But to be honest, this counted for nothing, because what followed was an exhilarating and intimate hour rarely experienced with a WG, and she certainly wasn't a disappointment in any way. Despite the fact that this was our first meeting I felt that Mara was able to drop any defences and it felt like truly gave herself to me.  We also over-ran, but she didn't seem to mind at all and was in no hurry to get me out of the door.  Agree that the most important thing about a WG is attitude, and in this respect Mara really is top drawer, putting most girls of half her age to shame.
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I've not had too many opportunities to visit Mara since my review and when I have tried to make a booking our schedules haven't matched. Earlier this week I got in touch and we arranged to meet  today. As usual Mara gave a top notch service to me so no need for me to write a repeat of my OP. What I am doing is scoring girls who I meet in 2015:

Looks 8/10 - Mara is no spring chicken by her own admission, but I find her very attractive. Her body is great, and has a lovely face. Some of you will notice that in her latest profile pictures Mara's hair is no longer black and I can confirm she has a light brown, shorter style.

Service 9/10 - she describes her service as 'old fashioned', I call it 'great'! Still one of the best vanilla GFE I have the pleasure of receiving. To sum up Mara in one word for those who have not seen her: passionate!

Car parking 5/5 - Mara has now moved from Derby city centre to suburbia. At the new location there is better off street parking; where she was before the road was very narrow and I was was always concerned that I would find some fresh stripes down the side of my car!

Premises 4/5 - Mara now works from a nice apartment. Be aware that the building has no lift and Mara works from the top floor! While it is nice, I do miss the house she worked from which was effortlessly cool and the rooms were bigger.

Value for money 9/10 - for the amazing service she gives, Mara's is great value. I booked for an hour and paid £100, I was in her sweet company for 90 minutes.

Total 35/40

I am honoured that I am the first guy to visit Mara's new place. But even more important is I can vouch that Mara continues to provide outstanding service to guys who fully respect her.

Offline Ipunter

I enjoyed my visit, I would love to go see her again. I will check around summer again

I've had the pleasure of Mara's company on two occasions. I usually don't return for a second booking. In Mara's case I would agree with all that's been said. Very reliable and a great way to spend an hour or two. Yes she is not a young waif but her body seems to defy age. The nearest thing to a regular I've had and plan to return when in the area again. :)

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