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Author Topic: Turn the effin music down  (Read 2232 times)

I had a boring punt once with a Polish girl just south of London Bridge.  I politely asked about the music which was playing on her laptop.  BIG mistake - she took it as a cue to grab her laptop and waste time playing me samples of her favourite Polish electro-funk band. 

Know what I said? "Yah Cool Baby funky - love the ice-cold (Polish) lyrics!"

Actually that's a lie ... I just nodded politely as the minutes (and money) ticked by.  Punt was going downhill anyway so I just got into the groove.  Now I listen and dance to Polish funk music exclusively. (Another lie).

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Take your own CD Frank Sinatra usually works!  :cool: :cool:

Offline virgil

I don't mind music but I don't like the radio being on.

Speech or speech between records or adverts are annoying.

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